On to the Lake . . .

We were up about 7:30 to finish getting everything packed away to move this morning/ We’ve got a 120 mile drive over to the Lake Conroe Thousand Trails, and are hoping for a smooth trip since it’s mostly Interstate except for about 5 miles on either end.

Since the slide was already in, and the levelers were already up, we really didn’t have a lot to get ready. It was nice to take our time with coffee and breakfast sandwiches. So we were ready to pull out about 9:30, but there was a problem.

There was a big while SeeYa setting in the road right in front of us. The couple had pulled out of their site diagonally across from us about 9:20, and instead of going down to the area set aside for that purpose, proceeded to hook up their Jeep Liberty right there.

And very, very slowly.

They seem to be trying to get the pins locked on their tow bar. at least that’s all I can figure. After they were hitched up, one of them would get in the toad and back it up until it pulled tight against the tow bar and then let it roll forward again.

And they did that 5 or 6 times, and then stood and stared at it in between. Finally about 9:50 they both went inside the rig. Don’t know what they were doing in there, but it was another 10 minutes before they finally pulled out.


So we finally pulled out about 10am, got hitched up in the right area, and hit the road. Then about an hour down the road, we stopped off at the Camping World to see if they had any shear pins for our slide. They said they didn’t stock any shear pins, but could get some in about a week or 10 days.

Remind me never to take my slide repairs to Camping World when I’m in a hurry.

A few minutes after leaving there, we got off I-10 and on to the Sam Houston Tollway heading north. And another 30 miles or so put us on I-45N. About 1:15 we pulled up to the guard shack at the Lake Conroe Thousand Trails and got checked in.

We were able to get a 50amp site out on the far end close to the lake. This area, the ‘E’ section, was recommended by Lynette and Gregg McHenry, and we were lucky enough to get the last 50amp site in the area.

Later, after we were set up, we headed back out to have dinner at an Applebee’s we had passed on the way in. Really good as usual, especially the Crispy Fried Green Beans appetizer.

Tomorrow, we’ve been invited to sample Dennis Hill’s new rib recipe and we’re really looking forward to it.

Seeing Dennis and Carol, too. Not just the ribs.


Thought for the Day:

You have made me think. I’ll be wary of you in the future.



5 Responses

  1. Greg, Wonder if you could order the shear pins online and get them quicker than Camping World seems to be able to get them.
    Of course, if they are heavy shipping costs might be high. Suspect that you are used to dealing with issues like this.

    I did have a challenge finding a place to get replacement fuses for the slideout on my Tioga last spring in South Lake Tahoe. After trying several places I found them at a Radio Shack. Fortunately that was all that was needed.

  2. “relax, don’t do it” I mean they had about as much to do as the rest of us so they thought they were the only rig leaving that morning. You NEED our train horns. How special are the shear pins I have used a grade 2 bolt to handle that job. I am guessing it is not a roll pin.
    Tell Dennis to wash his orange shoes ’cause I am not seeing the glow from them here in Tucson.

  3. Rosalind,

    I’ve already got some coming from American Coach this morning. They’re coming 1st class so should be here in a couple of days.

    I ordered two and they were $2.45 each with $3 shipping. So not bad, at all.

    Were you at the Encore/TT park in South Lake Tahoe? We were there in May and really liked the area.

  4. I am surprised you did not get them at Tractor Supply. Ag uses about every combination of pins possible. The pins for my slide are simple coil pins … available at the Farm and Fleet store. Please post a picture so we can see them

  5. I already two from American Coach. But I will check Tractor Supply for some extra spares.

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