Problem Found, Solution to Come . . .

I forgot to mention in yesterday’s blog that while she was shopping at Tractor Supply Store, she found her new favorite shirt.

Girls Just Wanna Have Guns Shirt

And to see why it’s her favorite, you have to see this close-up. It’s called ‘Girls Just Want To Have Guns’.

Girls Just Wanna Have Guns Shirt2

After getting up about 11am (Hey, it was really 10, and I didn’t go to bed until after 2am.), I went thru some more bins and started putting away some stuff getting us ready to move tomorrow.

We plan on leaving about 10am or so and make the 120 mile trip over to the Lake Conroe Thousand Trails for a two week stay, and then we’ll come back here for two weeks.

About 3:45 we picked up Lynette and Gregg McHenry and headed up to Peter’s BBQ in Ellinger for an early dinner. This was our second visit since we’ve been here, and It was as good as before. Jan got a sliced brisket sandwich plate, and I got a double meat (brisket and ribs) plate. The plate part means you have access to their great sides bar. With about 10 different delicious vegetable selections and several desserts, it all makes for a great meal. We certainly plan another visit when we’re back in the area.

We got back to the rig about 5pm, and then, crossing my fingers, I cranked up the rig and tried to bring in the slide as a test, hoping that the greasing that I had done a few days ago would have solved the problem that I had bringing in the slide two weeks ago before we left Galveston Bay RV Resort. (that sentence ran longer than I thought).

But I still had the same problem. The slide would pull in normally on the front end, but not enough on the back end, causing the slide to try and pivot around the rear end. At this point I again started sliding my 3’ ruler underneath the cabinet, and unlike last time, this time I kept hitting something under there. And it turned out to be this.

Slide Problem Tile

A piece of the Corian floor tile that had come loose and was jamming the cabinet end of the slide and keeping it from coming in. So now the problem was solved.


Although it now moved easier, it still wanted to run crooked. About this time Gregg McHenry showed up and figured out that, hidden under the grease and gunk, the shear pin on that side of the drive was sheared. Apparently the gear was tight enough on the shaft that it would move that end of the slide a little before it started slipping.

By this time it was starting to get dark, and since we didn’t have enough time to knock the other half of the pin out, and then get everything lined up, and had no replacement shear pins anyway, we decided to just push the slide in manually, and worry about it at Lake Conroe. As far as the shear pins, I’ll stop at the Camping World that we pass by, and hopefully, pick some up.


Thought for the Day:

Polygamy is one wife too many. And some say monogamy is the same thing.



4 Responses

  1. I want one, I want one, and what a pretty color.

  2. That Mac is a handy kind of guy.

  3. Good to hear that you have a solution to the slide problem. Hope this story has a happy ending…

  4. Jan,

    It’s also available online in pink.

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