On The Road . . .

Somehow I left out of yesterday’s blog that last night we had dinner at Los Cabos Mexican Grill with Lynette and Gregg McHenry. With all of us having done the gate guard thing, that was pretty much the entire conversation. But’s it always a lot of fun to hear other guard’s trials and tribulations.

And the food was really good too.

As far as today, it was a road trip day. We were heading down to our house in Friendswood to get together with Chris, Linda, and Piper, and to drop some stuff off at our storeroom that I had cleaned out of the rig.

We left the rig about 10 with our first stop at Schobels’ Restaurant in Columbus, TX for another of their great omelet breakfasts. We both got the same ones as last time, with Jan getting her Veggie Omelet, and of course, my Spanish Omelet. With the excellent biscuits and the grits (hashbrowns for Jan) it’s a great meal for the price. And although we haven’t tried it, their breakfast buffet looks really good, too.

Schobel's Omelet

Back on the road by 11, we made a pit stop / shopping stop at the Tractor Supply Store in Katy about an hour later, where Jan was looking for her favorite magazine, Countryside & Small Stock Journal.

Countryside Magazine

Now I can’t explain why her favorite mag is about raising chickens and planting truck gardens, just as I can’t explain why one of my favorites is Model Railroader.

But Jan struck out this time because the March issue wasn’t out yet. So we’ll check back again.

We got to Chris’ about 1pm, and then split up. Jan and Piper headed off to get Mani-Pedi’s while I stopped off at the storeroom, and then took care of some other errands like a much-needed car wash and a stop at the nearby Kroger’s for gas. And once again I was happy to see that my Fred Meyer’s (Kroger’s) card is still giving me the $.10 a gallon discount no matter how much I buy each month. I just have to buy something.

My next stop was Home Depot to pick up a 2’ x 2’ piece of 1/2” plywood to put a new top on our entry step. That took me right up to 3pm when we all met at the Longhorn Steakhouse near our house. Longhorn has become our favorite steakhouse chain and we’ve never been disappointed. And this time was no exception.

By 4:30 we were on the road headed home, with a pit stop at the Flying J in Brookshire. While there I took a look at their selection of Lug Nut Covers.

Lug Nut Covers

I’m missing several on the rig and wanted to replace them, but after looking at what they had, I realized I wasn’t sure of the correct size. So I’ll try again later when I know the size for sure.

Of course, since I got the truck washed today, it poured down rain all the way from the Flying J to the rig with no let up. But we finally made it home about 6:15 and settled in for the night.

About 8pm we had coffee and some of  the delicious Blueberry Coffee Cake that our daughter-in-law Linda had baked and sent home with us. Really, really good.

What I get done tomorrow depends on how this weather turns out.


Thought for the Day:

A Nation of Sheep will Inherit a Government of Wolves – Edward R. Murrow



3 Responses

  1. Good morning Greg. I started reading RV blogs in 2012. I follow about 8 different blogs. We are getting ready to go full time this year. I want to compliment you for the format. I read blogs on an IPad from my email app. Your blog email is always sized right for my screen, many others just don’t fit so the blog page must be opened in Safari then closed and email reopened. I open your blog at my pc and when I got to links you suggest but is nice that either way your blog just works well. I can see why your tech clients depend on you. It seems you know what you are doing. Thanks

  2. Allen,

    Thanks for your kind words.

    Glad it works for you.

  3. YUMMY…our new favorite in the area of NC where our youngest lives, has a new Longhorn Steakhouse…I love one of their chicken dishes SO MUCH, I hardly ever get the flatiron steak, even though I love that too!!
    Been doing the grandbaby helping out thing the last week…and will be so long as we are here in WA state…fun, but wow are we dragging our behinds along behind us…us ole mules are getting worn out!!

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