Almost Done & Going, Going, Gone . . .


We were up about 7 this morning since I had some stuff I wanted to get done around the rig before we headed out for breakfast about 9:30.

First up was topping off the rig oil with the Shell Rotella 15W40 that I got yesterday. When we’re back here next year it will be time for my 18,000 mile oil and filter change. I use RV Mobile Lube, who come out to the RV park and change all fluids and filters, including the Onan generator. Very convenient, and they give you an online service history area that shows all work done, and when the next service should be scheduled.

After I loaded some more stuff into the toad, Jan and I headed out to meet our friend’s Bob and Maria for breakfast at The Egg & I. Jan had an omelet, while I had my new favorite dish there, Sunrise Chili Rellenos. It’s roasted plobano pepper shells filled with lightly scrambled eggs mixed in with Monterey Jack and Cheddar cheese. Really, really good.

After a great meal, Bob and Maria headed home, while we drove by our son Chris’ house to pick up my hat that I’d left there yesterday, then it was on to our storeroom to drop off a few things, including Jan’s bird feeder, that we won’t need again until we’re back here in November. Bob and Maria were coming down to the rig a little later while we crank up the rig engine and bring up the levelers, which we always do the day before we leave when we been parked this long.

But this time, we did one additional thing and I’m really glad we did. Since we had laid the new laminate flooring, I wanted to run the slide in and back out. I didn’t expect any interference, but I wanted to be sure.

And bringing in the slide we quickly found a problem, but not on the end where the new flooring is. Instead, the slide started to come as normal, but then the end toward the rear of the coach started to hang up and stop moving, but the front side kept moving, starting the whole slide to skew sideways. The first thing we tried was to run the slide back out and in again . . . with the same result.

I then took my 3ft metal ruler and ran it around underneath the cabinets, thinking maybe something had gotten under there and was jamming it up. But my ruler didn’t encounter anything. Bob and I went outside and tried to see any problem out there, but everything looked normal.

Finally, after fooling with it for about half an hour we got it completely in, but not without pulling on it as it retracted. At this point Jan and I decided to just leave it in until we left Monday morning. My thought was that once we get to Colorado River TT park and get it extended, I’ll have two weeks to work on it before we hit the road again.

About 6 Jan and I headed up to League City for our last ‘last meal’ here. Dinner with our friends, newlyweds, Barbara and Tom. I’ve known Barbara for about 10 years when I was doing contract IT support for the company she works for, and we try to get together whenever we’re in town. Barbara’s a great cook and we always look forward to her meals. and her lasagna this time was no exception. After the meal, several glasses of Moscato, and a game of really hard Trivial Pursuit, we got home pretty late, and since I wanted to get up early, you got no blog. Sorry ‘bout that.


Once again I was up at 7, the second day in a row. (This horror has to stop!)  Now I started packing away everything outside, like the sat dish, the chairs, and the ladder. I also disconnected and stowed the water and sewer hoses, leaving only the shore power to disconnect right before we leave. While I was working outside, Jan was finishing up inside.

Everything was pretty much done by 9:30 when I went down to the office to settle up on our electric usage.

A little after 10 AM I backed the coach out of our site and pulled forward a bit so I could hook up the toad. And then we were off.

But only for about 8 miles to have a final lunch at Monterey’s Little Mexico. This has been a tradition of ours ever since we left for Alaska our first year of RVing in 2008. We get there at 11 AM, right as they open, and then hit the road from there. The strip center by Monterey’s has a big parking lot so we never have any problem parking the rig.

But one change was that our friend’s, Bob & Maria, met us there. And we were having so much good food and good times that we didn’t get back on the road until 12:30. But since we were only going about 120 miles, to the Colorado River Thousand Trails park in Columbus, TX, leaving that late wasn’t a problem.

And we even got ‘lovely parting gifts’. Bob is a real coffee enthusiast, and buys green imported beans and then roasts them himself. He gave us a two different types of beans for us to try, and we’re looking forward to tasting them.

Although the sky was dark and overcast, we make good time with only an occasional light misting rain. We pulled into the Colorado River TT park a little after 2:30 and got checked in and set up.

Colorado River TT C32

The park is located out in a fairly wooded area along the Colorado River with not a lot around it, and apparently there’s not a lot to do either.

As I walked into the office to check in, there were 3 guys sitting at a table and 1 behind the counter. Walking up, I said, “Reservations for White”. And from behind me I hear, “Damn’. I turned around and two of the guys were giving the 3rd guy money. Looking at me, they said, “We were hoping you were Dunham.”

I said, ‘You mean you guys have nothing else to do but bet on who’s the next customer through the door.”

He said, “Look around and you tell me.”

One nice thing about here is that, even though it’s out in the country, I’ve got 4 bars of 4G on Verizon. Nice for my AirCard.

On a final note, friend and blog reader David Cross alerted me to the fact that the link to the Sears 150 psi air compressor I posted a couple of days ago is no good now. Apparently Sears has discontinued it, and they don’t seemed to have replaced it with anything else. Bummer. It was a good product.


Thought for the Day:

Which Items Kill More



4 Responses

  1. Porter Cable makes a compressor identical to the Sears model and it sells on Amazon for$109.99. I had been looking for the Sears model without luck in stores, and ran across this one. As far as I can tell the specs are the same.

  2. David Cross is correct, however our air compressor is available at SearsOutlet.
    Looking forward to meeting you in Goshen. Have been following you since we chased right behind you across the UP.

  3. Bill and Kris,

    Thanks for the update. I’ll mention it in the blog tonight.

    See ya’ll in Goshen

  4. Jeff,

    Thanks for the update. It does look like it’s identical to the Sears model.

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