Oil and Eggs . . .

More chores this morning.

First up, I got my Sears Air Compressor out and topped off the rig and the truck tires.

Air Compressor

Before I got this, I would have to crank up the rig engine and tap into the air brake line to air them up, but now this one works fine and is a lot easier to use. If you get one, be sure to get the 150 psi model, not the 125. The 125psi will not air up big rig tires.

About 10:30 Jan and I headed into Webster to have another ‘last meal’, this one at King Food, our favorite local Chinese restaurant, a place we’ve been eating at for over 35 years. We’re on our 4th owner.

After a really good lunch, we headed over to our son Chris’ house to pick up his floor dolly. I want to take it with me when we leave on Monday because I need to pull our washer/dryer out of the cabinet to reconnect the vent hose to the outside vent. It’s apparently come loose and is just venting the heat and lint into the rig. The floor dolly is the perfect height to pull the unit out on and roll it aside. I’ll get the dolly back to Chris before we leave the area in the next 6 weeks.

Then it was off to a client’s house to drop off the external HD I set up the other day and pick up a check. Heading home we made a quick stop at Kroger’s on the way to pick up a few things and buy some lottery tickets.

Then it was back to ‘getting ready to roll’ chores. I started packing away things in the basement and also the truck. Then I topped off the rig coolant, and windshield washer fluid. The rig oil was a quart low but when I went to top it off, I found I was out of Shell Rotella 15W40 diesel oil, so I’ll run down to Wal-Mart later and pick some up.

Tomorrow morning we’re meeting our friends Bob and Maria for breakfast at The Egg & I about 10. Then back home, I’ll crank up the rig, raise the levelers, and get us up on the airbags. This is my normal procedure when we’ve been parked this long.

I will add one new thing and that is to bring the slide in and then run it back out, just to be sure there’s not a problem with the new flooring. I don’t expect one, but better to know now than Monday morning when we’re ready to leave..


Thought for the Day:

How did I end up in this hand-basket, and why is it getting so hot?



6 Responses

  1. Greg, your link to the Sears air compressor is bad. Sears no longer has that model available.

  2. Hi Gregg. While you are up there at Thousand Trails, you might enjoy visiting my favorite country store just up Hwy 71 from TT. Industrial Country Market is owned by my friends Dan & Michelle. You can’t miss the place. Just look for the forest of solar panels beside Hwy 71. The whole place is off grid. No commercial power. Fascinating place.

  3. Thanks, Rob.

    We’ll check it out.

    We both love those types of places.

  4. David,

    Looks like you’re right.

    Thanks for the info.

  5. My wife meant well and bought an air compressor for me during the holidays. It’s slow and I really don’t like it. Too bad that Sears model you have is gone. I’ll have to hunt around in Sears and see if I can find something decent.

  6. Matt,

    Check my February 26th blog post.

    You can order the identical model from Amazon. It looks like Porter-Cable was the manufacturer for Sears.

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