Last Meal(s) . . .

Well, A/C weather is back, at least for a few days. It made it to 81° here yesterday, and 78 today. And that’s A/C weather when it comes with 80 – 90% humidity.

Can you say ‘Sticky’?  I knew you could.

Once of the first things I did this morning, after coffee, of course, was to call Thousand Trails and get my Lake Conroe reservations worked out. For some reason, when I tried to book it online, it wanted a $30.00 deposit, even though I was able to book a reservation at Colorado River for the two weeks before and the two weeks after Lake Conroe with no problem. I had read on the TT Facebook site that this was a problem with the new website that they just put online a few weeks ago, and my phone call confirmed this.

So as it stands now, we’ll be at the Colorado River TT February 24th to March 10th. And then on to Lake Conroe from March 10th to March 24th. Then it’s back to Colorado River from March 24th until the 7th of April.

Then we’ll start heading north working our way toward Goshen, IN for the Escapade from May 12 to the 17th. Along the way we’ll visit some relatives and see some sights. Pretty much as normal.

Then it was outside for some more stuff. First was to lubricate all the slide mechanism with silicone spray. While I was underneath there, I also checked out the manual crank on the slide. We’ve never really had a problem getting the slide to go and out. The only time it’s a little balky is when it’s cold and maybe we have a little tilt in that direction, so that motor is pulling the slide uphill. But usually rocking the IN/OUT switch a few times gets it moving with no further problems.

My next job was to remove the worn-out carpet strip across the front of the steps and replace it with a piece of flooring. But first I had to get the carpet off. It looks like they put it on with contact cement, so it didn’t come off easily. In fact, I had to chisel it off.

Step Laminate Repair 1


But finally I got it cleaned off and then I cut out a strip of flooring and stuck it on temporarily with double-stick tape to see how it would look.

Step Laminate Repair 2


I’m still not sure what I’m going to do with the black area right above. That’s actually the edge of the floor side that comes out and covers up the steps when we’re traveling.

Step Laminate Repair 3

I did cut out a test strip for that area too, but I’m not sure if I like it or not. I might just spray paint the area with a fresh coat of black and leave it like that. I’ll think about it some.

About 3 PM Jan and I headed into Clear Lake to wrap up the last of Jan’s medical appointments for this year with a mammogram. That’s it until next year.

Our next stop was at Rudy’s BBQ for one of our last meals for this visit. Tomorrow it’s King Food, and then Thursday it’s Twin Peaks. We’ve got several other places in mind but we have to coordinate everything with last visits with family and friends.

But we know it will all be good.

Thought for the Day:

“You try selling time on this station to a sober client.”  – Herb Tarlek, WKRP in Cincinnati


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  1. Greg, FWIW, I think the wood strip on your step looks nice…..Jim

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