Sunflowers and Floor Mats . . .

About 10 this morning, Jan and I, along with our long-time friends, Bob and Maria, headed down to Galveston to have breakfast at The Sunflower Café, our go-to place for a great breakfast. Bob and Maria had never been there, so it was fun introducing them to the place. After breakfast we drove around the island for a while before heading back to the rig.

While Bob, Maria, and Jan headed into Houston to visit Sur la Table, a really neat cookware store, along the lines of Williams-Sonoma. I, on the other hand, went off to work for a client. As usual, as our time runs out here, I get really, really busy. since everyone waits until the last minute.

About 5:30 we all met back up at La Brisa for dinner and more fun. Afterwards everyone came back to the rig for some delicious coconut cream pie.that we got at the local Randall’s Market.

Hopefully we’ll be able to get back together next Sunday, right before we leave. We see how it goes.


I think Landon is training for the next Olympics in this shot. He never seems to stop.

Landon at Taste of Texas2


A number of you had asked to see the finished product of the Great Floor Upgrade.

So here it is.

Floor Finishup

Our son, Chris, really did a great job. Thanks again, Chris.

Later this evening I cut out the floor mat using the template I made of the pedal area.

Pedal Mat 1

Pedal Mat 2

Pedal Mat 3


And here’s what it looks like in place.

Dashboard Pedal Mat

I was lucky that it fit the first time with no trimming.This is really just a trial fit. I want to scrape up some old glue and then use double-stick tape to hold it in place, although it seems to stay in place pretty good as it is.

In looking at it, I may try to find some small metal trim strip to cover the edge. I’ll check it out.

Tomorrow looks like another busy day with clients, but we are having dinner with Chris, Linda, and Piper, so that’s better.

Thought for the Day:

"Peace is that brief glorious moment in history, when everybody stands around reloading"



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  1. Greg, Nice looking floor. We have been looking and looking for new looring for Liberty. We have laminent in the kitchen, vinyl in the bath and carpet in the bedroom. When you started writing about Allure we went to HD to view the options. We found a stone look that we like.It will not add another wood grain to the bus. I had wondered how you planned to secure the carpet to the floor. I love the political tape idea. that two faced tape will hold the seams together better than any politician we currently have. LeRoy

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