Not Today, either . . .

Sorry to do this again, but I didn’t get home working with a client until almost midnight.

So we’ll try again tomorrow.

Happy Valentines Day

But I do want to wish my Sweetie a Happy, Happy

Valentine’s Day

Thought for the Day:

– you will never be paid less than what you are willing to work for.
– you will never be paid more than what it costs to replace you.


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  1. Nice…we got engaged 42 years ago tonight…it was a funny night…hubby was nervous (I wonder why?)…got frustrated when we went to the BIG CITY of Boise (which was not big then, but they did have restaurants and places where we would not run into a gob of folks we knew as it would have been in our small town)…no gps then…so gave up and we went into a Denny’s to eat…dressed to the nines, orchid corsage, and I had made a new outfit and a matching tie for him…we CERTAINLY got the attention that night…all the truck drivers in there loved watching us…made ME so nervous I could hardly eat a bit and we left (he proposed elsewhere…ring and all)…heh…will never forget THAT meal.

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