Landon’s Man Cave . . .

First off, Jan and I want to wish our son-in-law Lowell a happy birthday!

Landon has decided he likes to sleep under his bed, rather than in it.

Landon under his Bed

To this end, he’s established a nest under there with all his favorite stuff. Looks like he’s really comfortable.

On the subject of ‘under things’ I spent some time today thinking about the best way  to fill in the pedal area under the dashboard.

Under Dashboard

The area is just too lumpy and uneven to fit the flooring in there. So I think I will find a piece of rubber mat to cut and fit under there. It should look pretty good. We’ll see.

I had also hoped to spend some time working outside on some projects, but with it raining on and off, and the temps never getting out of the 30’s, working inside seemed a better idea. At least the next several days are supposed to be better.

Later, Jan and I cleaned up and put things back into place that had been moved while Chris was putting the new floor down. We’ve also been going through a lot of stuff and throwing out some more stuff.

I also got the last of the three chairs wired back up. The big problem is hooking up the cable that controls the rotation release. There’s only about 3 inches between the floor and the bottom of the pedestal and you’ve got to hold the cable in place while trying to get the circle clip installed. Not easy.

 Circle Clip

But after a lot of fiddling I finally got the last one done. I was surprised to learn that, unlike the front two chairs that only lock in forward position, the computer chair only locks sideways. I’ve never rotated it that far so I never noticed.

I also need to go by Home Depot or Lowe’s and get some trim strips to cover the edges where the new floor butts up against the wall. I’ll check on this tomorrow.

For supper tonight we had the rest of the Grimaldi’s pizza from yesterday. Still great. I think one thing that makes Grimaldi’s pizza so good, besides the fact that they use the same flour, same water, and the same coal-fired oven they use in New York, they use sliced mozzarella cheese on the pizzas, rather than shredded. That makes the cheese more of a solid covering, and you can taste the difference.


Thought for the Day:

War is when your government tells you who the enemy is.

Revolution is when you figure it out for yourself.



6 Responses

  1. Is there any kind of product you can apply with a trowel that would allow you to smooth out the surface and that would dry with an appearance you like?

  2. George,

    I thought about that, but that would cover up bolts and other adjustments to the pedals that I might need access to down the road.

  3. Cute photo of are so funny! LOVE Grimaldi’s pizza. Whenever I can get there, I’m gonna take Kerry and my little grandson there!

  4. When I did my floor last summer I used a piece of the carpet I took out, looks really good, turned the edges under and used my air powered staple gun to fasten it down. Jim Swan

    Sent from my iPad


  5. Jim,

    Thought about that, but all the carpet is long gone.

    I found a door mat that looks like it will work.

  6. I remember playing under the bed as a little kid. Such a cozy, private little space for a kid to hang out.

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