Two Weeks and Counting . . .

This morning started early, at least for Jan. She was up at 5 AM to be sure she was awake when Landon woke up. Since Lowell had to leave for work around 5:15 and Landon’s daycare doesn’t open until 6, we filled in the gap, which is why we spent the night here at Brandi’s.

And you can never tell how early Landon will get up. Brandi left on her business trip at 4 AM this past Saturday. And Landon, hearing the commotion, was up at 3:30.

Upset that his mommy was leaving, Landon started crying until Lowell told him they’d go out for donuts after Brandi left. So Landon stopped crying, kissed his mommy goodbye, and was ready to go out for donuts. And go out they did.

Landon at Denny's

Note the time on the clock at the top of this photo. After Brandi left, Lowell and Landon drove around, but found no donut shops that early on a Saturday morning. Landon then saw a Denny’s and said, “There’s Denny’s. Denny’s has blueberry pancakes. I want blueberry pancakes.”

Which is why Lowell and Landon ended up as the only people in a Denny’s at 4:35 AM. And why Jan was up at 5 AM to be sure he didn’t want to go out for pancakes when his daddy left.

On the other hand, I was able to sleep in until 8:30. After all, Landon didn’t need TWO people to watch him.

I fixed coffee in Lowell’s K-Cup Keurig brewer, and one thing I noticed is that his machine starts up much quicker than my machine, which takes about a minute or so before the coffee starts flowing. It may be because his has a water reservoir built into it.

Lowell said we didn’t have to take Landon to his daycare until a little before 10, so we got to spend some time with him. For breakfast he decided he wanted to have a Chocolate Chip Eggo waffle, so I fixed him one up.

And then he wanted a second one, so back to the toaster. So Landon’s breakfast was two Eggo waffles and two glasses of chocolate milk. But this was probably because he didn’t really eat much of anything for supper last night.

Later,Jan was trying to get him dressed and told him, “Landon, come here and put your shirt on.” Landon said, “Say the word, Nana. Say the word.” Jan said, “What word, Landon?”

Landon looked at Jan and said,”Say please, Nana, Say please!”

Out of the mouth of babes.

After dropping Landon off at his daycare, Jan and I left about 11 AM and drove over to Grimaldi’s Pizzeria for lunch. Our favorite pizza place anywhere, we try to eat at one whenever we’re near. Rather than just repeat what I’ve said about Grimaldi’s before, and why it’s so great, you can check out what I’ve posted before.

Leaving Grimaldi’s and heading back toward Clear Lake, we stopped off at a nearby Dunkin’ Donuts for coffee and a couple of donut holes to finish off a great morning.

The reason we were coming back so early was that Jan had her eye doctor appointment this afternoon. She had thought (hoped) that it was time to get her cataracts done, but the doctor said that her eyes were doing great, with no new problems and no reason to have the surgery yet. So it was all good.

Leaving the doctor’s, we stopped off at a client’s for a few minutes before picking up some prescriptions at Sam’s Club.

Then it was back home to the rig, with Mister very glad to see us.

Tomorrow will be probably a stay-at-home day, very cold and rainy.

Lastly, two things. First off, we’re starting our two week countdown here at Galveston Bay RV Resort. We plan on leaving here on February 24 and then spending two weeks at the Colorado Thousand Trails in Columbus, TX. So we’re going, but we’re not going far.

Lastly I’ve posted a couple of new things under the ‘What Were They Thinking? tab at the top of the page. Check’em out.


Thought for the Day:

Fewer people are killed with all rifles each year (323 in 2011) than with shotguns (356), hammers and clubs (496), and hands and feet (728). So let’s ban ‘assault weapons’ that killed approximately 125. Sounds about right to me. LOL



2 Responses

  1. Loved reading about the grandson!! So if Jan is Nana (as am I), just wondering…are you Papa or something else?? My hubby goes by Papa, though he probably would rather have gone by Grandpa…I knew I did NOT want Grandma…cause you always get tagged with the last name too…and I did not want that tagged on…too many reminders of a woman who was not fond of me!! Heh…

  2. Elizabeth,

    Yep, I’m Papa.

    Jan is usually Nana, but for some reason Landon sometimes calls her Grammy too.

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