Flashdrives and Five Guys . . .

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First off, a couple of things.

I had several requests for Jan’s Spaghetti Sauce and Chili recipes, so I’ve posted them under the Jan’s Favorite Recipes tab. Give them a try.

I also updated the Gate Guarding Info tab with a link to our gate guarding adventures this past year. And remember, Jan and I will be giving our Gate Guarding for Fun? and Profit seminar at this years 54th Escapade May 12 – 17 in Goshen, IN. Check us out.


I headed out about 1:30 back up to yesterday’s client. I had left her old computer copying the 17 GB of photos and other data to my 32 GB flashdrive. Because it was so slow, the computer was going to take 7.5 hours to copy everything to the drive, so I left it running overnight and came back today. The copying had stopped on a duplicate file, but it only had about 15 minutes left so I got it restarted and waited it out.

To  show you the difference in the old and new machines, it took only 20 minutes to copy the 17 GB on to the new machine.

After going over the features of her new Windows 8.1 laptop, I headed back down to the rig to pick up Jan. Then it was off to have dinner at Five Guys Burgers and Fries, one of our favorite burger places.

Next up, was a visit to the Wal-Mart right next door. Being Saturday night, they were pretty busy, and of course I picked a checkout line that quickly  ground to a halt. The lady in front of me was paying for $96.22 of groceries with a MasterCard Debit Card that apparently was from her tax refund. But she quickly found out that her card only had $66.11 on it, leaving her $30.11 short. After arguing with the cashier for a few minutes she stormed out without another word, taking her card with her.

Now came the problem. After standing around for a few minutes, the cashier was going to void the transaction so he could check me out and all the people behind me.
But he realized that if he did that, the $66.11 that came off the card would just disappear into the system and essentially be lost. Since he didn’t have the ladies’ card to put it back on, I suggested he try to put it on a Wal-Mart gift card to hold for her in case she came back. But the system wouldn’t let him do that. It wanted the original card.

By this time it had been almost 15 minutes and two managers were now huddled together trying to figure out what to do. I was just about to offer to pay the $30.11 to clear the system so they could check me out, when the lady showed back up, slammed the cash down on the counter, and grabbed her cart and took off. Not sure who she was mad at, but it certainly wasn’t the cashier’s fault.

Tomorrow afternoon we’re going to drive up to Brandi and Lowell’s to spend the night. Brandi left for Miami this morning on a four day business trip, and since Monday is Lowell’s busiest day, we’ll take care of getting Landon to daycare before heading back down this way.


Thought for the Day:

“Education is a weapon whose effects depend on who holds it in his hands and at whom it is aimed.”— Joseph Stalin



9 Responses

  1. Did you upsize the fries? LOve those fresh Idaho russets. Can’t wait until I am able to taste food again. Five Guys is at the top of my list.

  2. THANKS for sharing the recipes…I am always looking for ideas. I prefer the Hunt’s brand of tomato products too…at least theirs is without corn syrup and other junk!!

  3. George,

    We’ve learned to order the medium fries which is plenty for both of us.

  4. Elizabeth,

    Thanks. Hope you enjoy them.

  5. We prefer In N Out Burgers. Just a matter of different individuals. Of course, we have only had 5 guys once.

    Maybe the lady was embarrassed. Some people just do not know how to recognize their emotions. She probably was not mad at anyone, just the situation.

  6. Jeez, I would have taken $40 out of my purchase and completed it for the amount I had. At least she could have been done and let the people behind her move on. She could have come back and bought the rest later.

    I think Nan might have been right, though, about the lady being embarrassed. That Mastercard might have been an EBT card from Social Services – the welfare department – or unemployment. Both are automatically credited with the person’s monthly payment and used just like a regular credit card.

    Her other issue might have been that if it was a welfare EBT, she might have had things in her basket that didn’t qualify – she would have needed to pay with her OWN money. I’ve seen that happen. And if she didn’t have the cash, it would have been embarrassing. Of course she would have know what was going on and figured everyone else did, too. Sticky situation. 😦

  7. Based on what she said to the cashier it was a tax refund card. Many of the tax preparation places, after they do your taxes, will have you sign over your refund to them, and then they give you a debit card with your refund amount on it minus a service charge.

    It was still pretty rude of her. She could have told the cashier she was coming back. It would have made things simpler.

  8. A bit weird, but we had our 1st Five Guys today. Good stuff.

    Way back, I read that you purchased a “Tire Traker” system from Lawrence RV. I tried searching your site for as much information as I could find, with only marginal success. Did you need a “repeater” for your set-up? Any advise you could dispense would be appreciated.

    Thanks….. Dave

  9. David,

    I previously had a Doran TPMS and had the repeater that went with that system. So when I upgraded to the Tire Trakker I saw that both systems operating in the same frequency range and figured the old repeater would work. And it did.

    On either system, without the repeater, I got a lot of dropouts, especially on curves.

    Hope this helps.

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