Chili and Stepstools . . .

I spent most of this cold morning working inside the rig, getting all the chairs bolted down and wired up after removing them for the floor install. The hardest thing is getting the cable hooked up that controls the rotation lock. There’s not a lot of room underneath the chair to get your hands in there.

About 1 PM I headed into Clear Lake to pick up our prescriptions at Sam’s Club. Along the way I stopped off at the Bay Area Pet Adoption Center right down the road. Jan had gone thru some stuff and had several bags of old sheets, and a bag of rugs that we no longer need since the new floor is done. They use these as bedding for the animals and welcome any they can get.

After picking up our prescriptions and a few other things, I headed back home and spent the rest of the afternoon working on client webstuff. About 4 we finished off the last of the chili that Jan made a couple of days ago. Chili’s one of those foods that seems to get better as it ages a couple of days. Delicious!

After dinner I took a look at one of those little problems that always nag you, but never enough to get you to actually do something about them.

The pocket door between the bedroom and the bathroom often starts sticking and won’t close all the way when we’re using the levelers or parked in an area with a lot of humidity. In our present case, we’ve got both conditions. So this time I did something about it.

Getting up on a stepstool with a flashlight, I discovered that, unlike some of these doors I’ve seen, these actually have adjusters that let you raise or lower the door in the frame. There is a plastic lock that keeps the adjuster from moving that I moved out of the way, and then used a small wrench to raise the door enough to allow it to move freely. Finally fixed!

Tomorrow will probably be mostly client stuff, but tomorrow night we’re going to the Alvin Opry again, probably our last time for this year.

Thought for the Day:

"If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right." ~ Henry Ford



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  1. Greg do you use wordpress for your client’s websites or straight html coding? I was thrown into the lion’s cage and asked to make the website look better after it was slopped together.

    Also I think Nick’s Mac just doesn’t like to work as hard as Nick tries to work it. and goes on strike.

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