Good to Go . . .

Jan and I were up early this morning, leaving the rig about 8 AM and heading up to Friendswood, where our doctor put us up on the rack, gave us a full checkout, drained some fluids, and topped off our prescriptions. As a result she said we’re good to go for another 12 months or 12,000 miles of RV’ing, whichever comes first.

On a related subject, so far for me, Medicare is an expensive rip-off. Before I went on it this past October, I was self-pay for my yearly checkups, and they normally cost me about $200, including all the tests. This year, under Medicare, my checkup was $125, a savings of a whole $75. Great!

Except that’s ignoring the $105 a month that Medicare is costing me out of my Social Security. So it cost me $1260 a year to save $75. Wheee!

When I mentioned something about this to the office clerk, she reassured me that once I met the $147 deductible, another visit would only cost me $23. Oh boy!

Since I’ve never had to go to the doctor twice in one year, I was not really impressed by this cost savings.

Of course, I’ll probably sing a different tune if something serious happens. But until then, I’ll just whine and complain.

I’m good at that.

By the time we were both finished, it was after 11 AM, so we decided to reward ourselves with lunch at Twin Peaks. Or maybe Jan decided to reward me.

The first thing we did was to apologize to our regular waitress, Lauren, for being unfaithful to her by eating at Bombshell’s, a competitor breastaurant. She laughed and said that she and her boyfriend had eaten there this past weekend, and they didn’t think anymore of it than we did.

After our usual good food and great service, Lauren reminded us (me) as we were leaving, that this coming Saturday the 8th is the beginning of Lingerie Week at Twin Peaks.

Twin Peaks Lingerie Week

What can I say? I guess we’ll just have to eat here again next week.

Maybe even more than once.

Leaving Twin Peaks, and after a quick client visit, we stopped off at Barnes & Noble to check out the magazine section. We thought about getting a couple of coffees at the resident Starbuck’s, but decided that for just about the same price of two coffees there, we could get two coffees and four of the delicious Cranberry Nut muffins to go at the Buc-ee’s on the way home. They’re great heated up for breakfast.

Around 3:30, our son Chris and his wife Linda, stopped by for a few minutes. While he was here, Chris helped me put the two front chairs back in place after the Great Reflooring. And Linda got to see the beautiful job Chris had done on the floor.

Thanks, again, Chris

Tomorrow will probably a mixture of work-around-the-rig and client stuff.

Thought for the Day:

Live in Peace, but build for War.



2 Responses

  1. Whatever you and Jan are doing heath wise keep it up. I’m lucky I only see the doctor maybe 2 times a year to get refills for 2 prescriptions. My husband on the other hand sees 3/4 doctors (specialists) on a regular bases. His visits are from $350.00 up-we have Medicare and a supplement so no out of pocket money. His employer (now retired 20 yrs) covers our drugs which his run over $1500.00 a month. Things could be worse – OBAMA care rings bad news to us. Medicare is wonderful for us NOW and might prove to be wonderful in about 10 years for you – if Obama stays out of our privates lives. Our kids pay such high premiums thru their employers–the $210.00 Medicare takes from our checks the last 8 years is a drop in the bucket. We miss RV’ing and gate guarding several months a year. But his health finally put a STOP to that. Have a great healthy 2014.

  2. Are we going to get to see the finished floor? I’m anxiously waiting.

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