It was a Bomb!

Today was another client day, so I headed out about 10:30 to get started. The first one was a little bit of everything, from setting up a new laptop, and cleaning up a desktop machine, to showing him how to use his new Kindle Fire HD. Max is another client who, along with his wife and her business, have been clients for over 10 years, and it’s always good to hear from them when we’re back in town.

Then it was off to my commercial client for a while before finally heading home about 3:30. Then it was back up to Clear Lake with Jan to check out the newest ‘Breastaurant’ in the area.

Like Hooters, Twin Peaks, and Bone Daddy’s, Bombshell’s is the latest in the genre of pretty girls in somewhat skimpy uniforms, cold beer, and dozens of TV screens tuned to every sports channel available.



The place is decorated in a military theme with airplane wings overhead, bomb casings scattered around, and camouflage on the walls.

Bombshell Plane


And of course, the obligatory pretty young ladies.

Bombshell Girls

But for Jan and I the place ‘Bombed’ out. Like Bone Daddy’s that we tried last year right before we left the area, it just wasn’t that good. Ok, I guess, but it just didn’t click with us.

The service was kind of lackluster, the kitchen messed up my order, giving me the same thing Jan ordered instead of what I ordered. And the food itself was just so-so. Nothing special.

Some of this might be due to the fact that they’ve only been open about a week, but it doesn’t bode well for the place. It was pretty busy for 4 PM on a Monday afternoon, but it will be interesting to how it holds up. I think that at least part of that might be attributed to t he fact that this place, the second one in a new chain, is owned by the same guy that owns Rick’s Cabaret’s, a string of gentleman (read ‘strip’) clubs. So they may have been expecting girls in even skimpier costumes than Hooters or Twin Peaks, but that wasn’t the case.

And just like our only once visit to Bone Daddy’s last year, this will probably our one and only to Bombshells. There are too many other good places.

Tomorrow is a little more client stuff, and then some more work on the new floor.

Thought for the Day:

Just because you have your head up your arse doesn’t mean you have to have a crappy outlook.



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  1. Great reading. I look forward to your adventures.

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