Getting in on the Ground Floor . . .

When I got up this morning about 9 AM it was 63 degrees and sunny. But it went downhill pretty quick. By noon it was in the low 50’s and raining. And by the time I left for Katy, it was 45 degrees, and raining even more.

I had put Mister outside on his leash when it was nice and left the door open. But since I was busy working on the floor under the dash, I didn’t notice the weather deteriorating. But Mister quickly let me know by coming up to the screen door and voicing his displeasure at the misting rain falling on him. Poor Baby.

Brandi sent this pic over of Jan and Landon at the 9 AM showing of Frozen. Everyone seemed to think that the popcorn and candy were the best part of the movie.

Landon and Jan at Frozen2

Several readers asked how I handled the flooring under the slide.

The answer is that I didn’t do anything special.There are two different types of slide mechanisms.

1. One that rides on the floor as they are pulled in and have Teflon strips
to cushion and prevent wear.

2. One that’s held suspended above the floor as they are pulled in.

Ours was supposedly the second type. But that was the purpose of laying down
those first few test rows that I showed last week before we started.

Allure Flooring Install 1

After just laying them down there, I put a couple of pieces of newspaper down and pulled the slide in. The newspaper never moved.

And for the last several months the test strip has been down there with no
problems. Plus the original carpet came up much higher than the tile and was never touched either.

So this was one less thing I had to worry about.

I did come across one problem though. The transition strip that I bought to use is not going to work as is. It looks good when I set it in place but it was quickly obvious that the part resting on the kitchen tile was too high to clear the bottom of the kitchen cabinet above it. So at this point I’m not sure what I’m going to do. A metal strip would probably work, but I’m not sure how it would look.

So my temporary fall-back position is to hold it down with Velcro, and pick it up before we pull the slide in and then put it back down after we park. We’ll see how that works.

I headed up to Brandi’s in Katy about 3 PM and the closer I got, the worse the weather got. And the worse, and slower, the traffic got. But I finally made it about 4:15, packed Jan up, and we headed back home.

Our son Chris had invited us over for his Super Bowl Seafood Gumbo so we stopped by for a delicious meal, finished off with Linda’s Rum Bread Pudding. If I’d had a second serving I would have needed a designated driver.

Jan was delighted finally seeing the floor in person and really liked it. I’ll try to finish under the dashboard tomorrow if possible, and then Chris and I will reinstall the chairs on Tuesday.

Thought for the Day:

Change is not always progress.



5 Responses

  1. Enjoy your interesting blog entries…and of course, always the entertaining Mister…cracked me up…well, he proves he does have some brains there!! Hope your floor will come out just as you want it to!! I think it makes so much more sense than a lot of carpeting!! Throw rugs can always be washed up well…or just thrown out!!

  2. Elizabeth,

    Glad you enjoy the blog. Thanks for reading it.

    We are really liking the floor.

    I’m trying to convince Jan not to put so many throw rugs down so we can still see the floor.

  3. Looking mighty good. I like the idea of using velcro to hold the strip down.

  4. Glad to hear the progress on the floor is going well. Linda’s Rum Bread Pudding sounds wonderful. Does she serve a hard sauce with it? Sure would love to have the recipe if she is willing to part with it.

  5. You are doing well with the floor. What an exciting life! And the Velcro idea is quite clever.

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