Hitting the Road and Flooring it . . .

Today was another day filled with client stuff so I headed out about 10 AM, finally getting back to the rig about 3:30. I did stop off at our storeroom to pick up our big 10’ x 20’ tarp and our (actually Miss Terry’s) chop saw. I also got Powerball tickets on the way home.

Shortly after I got home Jan and I headed back out to have dinner at Hooter’s since we both needed a hot wing fix, and their new ‘Triple Dog Dare” sauce, their hottest, really hits the spot.

After that it was a quick stop at Wal-Mart so Jan could pick up the ingredients for her world famous spaghetti sauce. The it was home just in time for another great Galveston Bay RV Resort sunset.

Galveston Bay Sunset 4

Later, about 8 PM I fixed us K-Cup Hazelnut Cappuccino which we had along with some of the Nestles’ Toll House cookies Jan made this weekend, as we caught up on ‘Person of Interest’ episodes on the DVR.

Now, as far as ‘hitting the road’, Jan is. Tomorrow afternoon I’m taking he up to Brandi and Lowell’s to spend the weekend. While she’s there, she’s going to make her spaghetti, which is why the Wal-Mart stop.

As for why she’s going up there, it’s to get her out of my hair. Well, maybe a hair reference is not the best one in my case, so let’s just say it’s to get her out of the rig for a few days.

And that brings us to the ‘flooring it’ part of the title. Friday morning my son Chris is coming over and we’re finally going to install the Allure vinyl laminate flooring in the rig. Yes the same flooring I’ve been threatening to install for about 3 years now.

Allure Flooring

Allure seems to be perfect for RV’s. It’s actually a rubber-based product that looks and feels like wood laminate. But because it’s rubber, it’s completely waterproof. Great for when your slide seal springs a leak. And also, the planks are very flexible, at least compared to wood laminate. Again perfect for driving your floor down the road at 60 mph.

We chose a lighter color, Oak, because our cabinetry is also light, and a dark color would tend to make the space seem smaller.

With Chris here, and Jan gone, we’ll be able to pull all three Captain’s chairs out and then pull the base mounts up which will make it much easier to lay the flooring with less measuring and cutting. We are only replacing the carpet in the front of the rig, leaving the tile flooring in the rest of the rig, as it is.

Hopefully we can finish it off Friday and Saturday because Chris doesn’t want the project to cut into his Super Bowl time on Sunday. To me that just gives him more incentive to work faster.

It’s a win, win.

Thought for the Day:

Why would anyone want to get married?
About half of all marriages end in divorce.
The rest end in DEATH!!!



5 Responses

  1. We’ll need pics of this project Greg. Should end up looking great.

  2. Before and After photos will be nice. Please.

  3. Greg, don’t forget to post the before/after pictures. I’d like to replace my carpet but don’t know if the Allure would add too much weight to my 2000 Winnebago moho. What about Armstrong (thicker) vinyl? Have to have something easily cleaned as I travel with 3 cats.

    I know Jan is excited. I can hardly wait to see yours.

  4. I’m very interested in how the vinyl flooring comes out. Are you installing in the slide areas as well? It seems like almost every motorhome that has wood flooring still has carpet on the slide floor & I don’t know why.

  5. Debbie,

    The flooring will be installed in the slide area. The reason many RV’s have carpet in the slide area is that, depending on how the slide works, it would rub on the flooring causing marks, which won’t show up on carpeting.

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