Sheets to the Wind . . .

The high today was 50 degrees at 1 minute after midnight and it just went down from there. The sleet started about noon and the temperature dropped down to 30 and stayed there the rest of the afternoon. We’re looking for about 26 degrees tonight, but into the mid 40’s tomorrow so things are looking up.

Because the weather was so crappy we stayed home today and just enjoyed the time together.

For dinner Jan fixed our version of Skyline Chili’s Chili Spaghetti Four Ways.

Skyline Chili Ways

She mixed a can of Skyline Chili with a bag of our homemade chili from the freezer, put it over spaghetti, and added shredded cheese. It would have been Chili Five Ways, but I forgot the onions until it was too late. As usual, really good.

Jan and I have really been enjoying
Sleepy Hollow which just wrapped up its 13 episode 1st season. And happily it has been renewed, a fate that other series we really liked, i.e. 666 Park Ave., have unfortunately avoided.

I like being surprised by well-written plot twists, something that seems missing in a lot of shows, but Sleepy Hollow has enough surprises to keep me entertained. A creative re-telling of the Legend of Sleepy Hollow with Ichabod Crane, plus George Washington, The Headless Horseman, and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and switching back and forth between Revolutionary War days and the present, it’s non-stop.

Now, on to the sheets. When we spent the night at our daughter Brandi’s on Christmas Eve, Jan fell in love with the soft sheets Brandi had on our bed and wanted to get some for us. Brandi said they were 1000 thread count sheets that she got on Groupon.

So I started researching high thread count sheets, and found that any thread count over 400-600 is kind of just advertising hype, because looms don’t hold more threads than that. What they do is twist several fibers together and use those in the count. So two fibers twisted together and then wove on on 500 thread loom becomes a 1000 thread count sheet. The biggest difference is the type of fibers used and whether the sheets are percale or sateen, with sateen being the softest.

So I got on Amazon and after some research, came up with these.

Milani Sheet Set

Striped QUEEN Sateen Sheet Set

They’re listed as being 1500 thread count which probably means 3 fiber thread on a 500 thread loom. The reviews were pretty uniformly good except for some who were upset about the depth of mattress the fitted sheets will handle. And even they’re not $200, they’re not $100, or not $50. They’re $25 for a set of 1 fitted sheet, 1 flat sheet and two standard pillow cases.

So we took a shot and ordered a queen size set from Amazon, knowing we could return them if we weren’t happy. We also order a set of two king size pillow cases as well, since we have two king size pillows and two standards.

When they came Jan washed them and we put them on the bed. And they’re a big hit. We really like them. They’re very soft, but not slick, and have a kind of microfiber feel.

Very nice. We plan to order a second set.

Thought for the Day:

As Mae West said, there’s no such thing as too much of a good thing. 



8 Responses

  1. I absolutely love those sheets…discovered them couple years ago…I have 2 sets for the house and 2 sets for the RV…so soft…and they are deep pockets…What an awsome price….I tell every one about them….Can’t beat Amazon….Its become my fav place to shop…Yea Amazon….

  2. Other than the bald guy on 666, I thought the acting was amateurish and the plots juvenile. Now. Sleepy Hollow, that is another story and a fun one well told.

  3. I wanted to check out the sheets , but the link doesn’t work 😦 hoping they come in red!

  4. I’ve found the best thing for us is silk sheets I bought on sale at Kohl’s many years ago. They are warm in the winter, cool in the summer and they fold up very small and weigh practically nothing. They are easy to care for and dry very quickly. It doesn’t fill the washer, you can add a lot more clothes to a load. And did I mention how nice they are to sleep on? Once you try them you won’t want anything else.

  5. Tell Jan to go to and order the advertised as 1600 count for $29.00. OMG you will never buy anything else.

  6. Sandee,

    I just tried the link and it does work, but it comes up in a new window, not the blog window. So check that.

    And yes, they do come in red (burgundy).

  7. Greg, we ordered 2 sets of these sheets in a dark brown color and queen size. I am sure they are the same ones from Amazon because of the high threat count (and your explanation of this was interesting) and the price of $25 per set. The price was right and, as you said, we could return to Amazon if we did not like them. We have had them at leasst 6 months and are very happy with them.

  8. Ok. I’m on my iPad and it won’t open. I’ll try on my computer later.

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