Do Big Cats Dream of Electric Dogs?

We got in a 1 mile walk this morning, and will probably do another one tomorrow morning since the weather starts to get cold and crappy from Monday night on.

Since it was not too windy, we sat outside for a while with our coffee and finished up the last of the Buc-ee’s Cranberry Nut muffins that we got a few days ago.

We left Mister outside on his leash with the door open most of the afternoon as we often do when the weather is nice. Later I heard dogs barking outside and looked out the door. I saw Mister in his usual place out in the sun, which puts him pretty much at the end of his leash. The two dogs, one, a young yellow lab about 40#, and the other a small poodle about 15#, were about 10 feet away barking at Mister, who for his part, just lay there watching them.

What happened next was really something. Mister had a strategy. He turned his back on the dogs and slowly walked back toward the coach, making about 6 feet of slack in his leash. Then he turned back around and crouched down, facing the dogs. I then realized what he was doing.

He had a plan. He was luring them closer!

And they fell for it. They both came nearer, ending up a couple of feet inside where his leash reached. And he knew it.

At this point his rear end came up and started swaying back and forth, just like you see on NatGeo right before the cougar pounces on the unwary antelope. But not wanting dog parts splattered all over the toad and the rig, I yelled at the dogs a couple of times and they ran off.

After a few seconds, MIster turned around and gave me a really dirty look, like I was spoiling his fun. Then he stalked back over to his spot in the sun, curled up and went back to sleep, probably dreaming of dogs that got away.


Our son-in-law Lowell sent over a photo of Landon wearing the glow-in-the-dark Thomas the Tank Engine shirt I bought him at the train show a few weeks ago.

Landon in his Thomas Shirt

Now all I need is a night shot.

Jan and I headed out a little before 4 PM so she could get the haircut she missed yesterday. And even on Sunday she had almost an hour wait before she got started. But I was just fine waiting in the truck since I had my Kindle Paperwhite to keep me occupied.

For my part, I was happy to see her walk out of the hair place with a smile on her face. Sometimes she comes out with a scowl because she’s not happy with her cut, and I hear about it. A lot.

Jan had said she wanted breakfast for supper tonight so after she was finished with her hair, we drove across the large parking lot to the nearby IHOP, the same one we tried to eat at with our friend’s Bob and Maria last Sunday morning. Then there was a 30+ minute wait so we ended up going to the breakfast buffet down on SH146 at La Brisa.

But tonight there was only a couple of other diners when we got there, though after a while the place started to fill up. I did note to Jan that I thought we were the only couple in there under the ago of 70. If some of the others weren’t over 70, then they had led a really hard life.

Tomorrow it’s back to more client stuff. Busy, busy, busy.


Thought for the Day:

“Maybe we should start emailing each other copies of the Constitution. That way maybe we can be sure that the government has actually read it.”



8 Responses

  1. Good kitty story…Mister is very brave!! Heh, but those dogs were not bright!! (Really one of the breeds will eat anything…our relatives had to keep dirty socks and towels out of that dog’s reach!!)

    Funny where hubby and I often eat, he will say, “Well, the average age of the room just went down when we came in.” But I really do l like eating diner type food and also not having to listen to what they call music these days, at a terrific level of noise either…people our age KNOW where tis best to eat, eh?? We ate Cracker Barrel today however…which is ok…but awfully busy on Sunday…no wonder everyone likes their buttermilk fried chicken!! Yep…brought half of mine home…a nice side with our eggs in the morning!!

  2. Elaine Wright 696 Little Macedonia Road NW Supply, NC 28462


  3. So… Buc-Cees is really a car wash? Loved the Mister story, but I think you should have let him have some fun. A happy cat is a good thing. We are big fans of iHOP and when I get my sense of taste after radiation and chemo are finished we will head over there for sure. And to 5 Guys.

  4. Darling photo of Landon – I want a night shot of that shirt, too.

    I understand Jan’s feelings about haircuts – over a year ago on Christmas Eve I stopped at a SuperCuts and got the worst, shortest haircut of my life. I haven’t had it cut since then. I may never get it cut again!!

    Mister is a crack-up. Makes you wonder what else he’s planning and carrying out when you’re not there.

  5. While a great story about Mister, a video would have been way better. Keep up the great Blog i enjoy it along with Nicks every day.

  6. Elizabeth,

    When we go to Cracker Barrel it’s usually on Thursday because Jan really likes their Turkey and Dressing.

  7. Buc-ee’s is a chain of the world’s largest convenience stores. The one in New Braunfels is 68,000 sf, has 60 gas pumps, the women’s restroom has 34 stalls.

    We build them big in Texas.

  8. Thanks, Gary.

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