Rain, Sleet, and Snow? . . .

and 1/4” of ice on roads and bridges for tomorrow. And I’m supposed to see two clients. We’ll see how that goes.

One of the things I wanted to do today was to get my Duck Dynasty Chia Pet started. My son Chris gave it to me Christmas,  but in all the chaos it got put aside until now.

But today’s the day.

Willie Chia

Chia Willie Duck Dynasty Handmade Decorative Chia Pet Planter

Chia Willie starts out looking like this.

Chia Pet 1

First up, you soak him in a bowl of water for about an hour. At the same time you soak some of the chia seeds in some water.

Chia Pet 2

Then you set Willie in little plastic tray, fill him full of water, and then smear the seed mush all over him.

Chia Pet 3

Then put him near a light source and keep him filled with water. And hopefully Willie will soon bloom in all his verdant glory. I’ll keep you updated.

One thing I didn’t know is that after Willie blooms you can eat him. Apparently Chia Seeds are high in Omega 3, fiber, and protein. YUMMM!

Chia Seeds

About 4 PM Jan and I headed up to Webster to have dinner at one of our favorite places, Rudy’s BBQ.

Rudy's BBQ 1

I always get a little of everything, moist brisket, pork ribs, and jalapeno sausage links,

Rudy's BBQ 3

and some of their great Cream Corn. And a lot of left-overs to bring home.

Later, after we got back home, I ground up some of my Trinidad Scorpion Chili Pepper Pods.

Trinidad Scorpion Package

Dried Trinidad Scorpion Chili Pepper Pods

Until very recently, at 1,400,000 Scoville Units, this was the hottest pepper in the world. But just a month or so ago, it was surpassed by the Carolina Reaper. The King is dead. Long live the new King.

As a comparison, a jalapeno is about 5,000 and a habanero is about 20,000 SC’s.

I use my Mr. Coffee coffee bean grinder to make a powder from the pods to put in my shaker. And just the little bit of dust that escapes into the air makes your eyes burn, your lips numb, and then you start coughing and sneezing.

This ought to be a GOOD batch.

Thought for the Day:

Remember, if you can swim, then it doesn’t matter how deep the water is.
And if you can’t swim, it doesn’t matter either.



2 Responses

  1. HOW can you eat such hot stuff?? We used to eat hotter stuff when younger, but now we can barely eat mildly hot!! Makes my mouth burn just reading your description. I suppose it is healthy if you can swallow it though. Green chilis and cumin are about our limit!!

  2. Elizabeth,

    I grew up in south Alabama eating spicy Cajun gumbo.

    Then when Jan and I moved to Texas in 1978 I really came into my own with the hot stuff out here.

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