Girls with Guns . . .

Jan and I started out this morning with a 1 mile walk around the park before enjoying our coffee and muffins sitting outside. And enjoying it while we can, because tomorrow the weather gets pretty crappy for the next several days.

We’re looking at several days of rain, with a HIGH of 37 on Friday.  BRR!

I want my Global Warming, and I want it NOW!   Excess body heat only goes so far.

About noon I headed out to a couple of clients, and looking for a couple of new computers for other clients. And by the time I’d taken care of everything and gotten back to the rig, it was about 5:30.  And my beautiful wife had dinner ready.

Saw an article online about ‘Machine Gun Tourism’. For some reason when I first saw the title I thought it said “Machine Gun Terrorism”, which kind of made sense.

But then I figured out what they were talking about. Renting out machine guns for tourists to try their hand. And when we were in Las Vegas in 2010 with our friend’s Nick and Terry Russell, Jan did her part to keep tourism alive.

And this was at “The Gun Store” location mentioned in the article. She’s firing her new favorite toy, a Thompson Submachine Gun

Jan And Her Thompson 1 

Jan And Her Thompson 2

And apparently it runs in the family, because here’s our granddaughter Piper in Houston, firing a Smith & Wesson 500 .50 cal. revolver, considered the most powerful handgun in the world.

Piper's First Gun

I’ve shot one of these a couple of times and they’re a handful.  Piper said she enjoyed the feeling of power it gave her.

Also according the article, you can now fire one of these at “The Gun Store”.M249

This is a belt-fed M249 Light Machine Gun, and Nick and I both want one.

Just the thing for those pesky squirrels.

"The only difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits." – Albert Einstein



2 Responses

  1. Please everyone use the type of hearing protection Jan and Piper have on. I shot one shot only having ear plugs with a 38 special and the ENT Doctor doesn’t believe my hearing will come back. That was 6 weeks ago.

  2. Joan,

    Based on that, and all the hunting and shooting I did as a kid, I guess it’s amazing I can hear anything at all.

    But the last time I had my hearing checked, the doctor said it was great for my age.

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