It’s Alive !!!

Jan and I headed out a little after 10 AM to meet our friend’s Bob and Maria at the IHOP up in Kemah. Getting there at 10:30 we had hoped to avoid the usual Sunday morning rush, but that was not to be. We found a large crowd outside and a 30 minute wait inside. So after a few minutes we decided to adjourn back down TX 146 to the breakfast buffet at La Brisa.

They do a great breakfast buffet with omelets, waffles, tamales,enchiladas, bacon, sausage, barbacoa, biscuits, fresh fruit, fruit juices, coffee, etc., and more. A really good meal. And for only $11, too.

We laughed and talked for almost two hours before we finally said our goodbyes and headed home.

First thing we did was to let Mister out on his leash. He loves this weather and likes to spend the whole day outside. One of his favorite places is this tub that has some old coats in it.

Mister in Tub

Most of the time he follows the sun as it moves over the coach. I think he would stay out all night if we would let him.

The laptop with the Conduit Search problem has now been completely resurrected. After removing the malicious software I was left with a machine that still would not connect to the Internet, at least though Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. Windows Mail however could still send and receive email.

Sometimes fixing these things is just a matter of not giving up, just slogging away and trying one thing after the other. And finally something worked.

Then once I had this problem fixed, I was able to finish cleaning out the gunk and updating everything. I’m sure Tricia will be glad to get her laptop back tomorrow.

And I’ll be glad to see it go.

Thought for the Day:

"Those who are incapable of committing great crimes do not readily suspect them in others." – Francois De La Rochefoucauld



6 Responses

  1. Greg … After reading Nick’s warning about coyotes I wonder if Mister is in any danger. We’ve had them come into our neighborhoods and snatch little dogs practically next to the house.
    On another note ….. I sure wish you were closer as my 5 year old XP desktop is just giving me fits. Trying to save XP but I’m losing the battle with this clunker.

  2. So I looked up barbacoa on Wikipedia. Uh— I think I will pass it up.
    Good news on the laptop. You are sort of a Sherlock Holmes when it comes to these sorts of mysteries.

  3. Hi this was my email an his reply to the to clear up the tire minder /tire traker email I asked u about
    With my lack of home work I spent 50$$ to much at the tampa show
    Joy your day

    Sent from my iPad

    Begin forwarded message:

    Date: January 20, 2014 12:41:10 PM EST
    To: Ed Fischer
    Subject: Re: Your 4 Wheel Tire Monitoring System

    Yes you can. Its the same system.

    Ed Fischer wrote:

    Hi I have a tire minder unit and I would like to know if I can inter change YOUR tire senders with my tire minder (cost is less) I would like to add 4 more to the 4 that I have now
    and is your setup interchangeable
    Thanks Ed F
    Sent from my iPad

    Sent from my Android device with K-9 Mail. Please excuse my brevity.

  4. George,

    Around here barbacoa is just shredded beef in a spicy BBQ-like sauce.

    Not like the Wikipedia article.

  5. Ed,

    Glad Daryl was able to help.

  6. Jim,

    Never heard of any coyotes around here.

    And there’s a lot more easier prey than a 30 pound cat with his teeth and claws who hates dogs.

    There are tame ducks waddling around everywhere and people have their dogs outside in those little wire fence cages.

    Sorry about your computer.

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