TSC and PPL . . .

Another nice day. Another nice walk. And nice hot coffee afterwards.

Jan and I  headed our about 1:30 PM for an afternoon of errands and then ending up with dinner with Brandi, Lowell, and Landon.

Our first stop was the Tractor Supply Company in Alvin for a magazine Jan likes and a few other things. Then it was on to PPL Motorhomes at the junction of Beltway 8 and US59. We were stopping there to pick up the Linkage Repair Kit for my Kwikee step.

Kwikee Linkage Kit

Now something on my ‘do before we leave’ list.

We also picked up a new step stool since our other one finally wore out.

Step Stool

After a stroll through their RV Parts Store we headed on out to Brandi’s, getting there about 3:45. Lowell was already home and Brandi showed up about 30 minutes later after picking up Landon at his daycare, which is conveniently located right down the street from their house.

After talking for a while we all drove a little down the road to Fulshear to have dinner at Dekker’s Mesquite Grill.

Dekker's Mesquite Grill

Lowell and I had their great Chicken Fried Steak with smashed potatoes, and really,really good green beans. They were cooked until just crispy and very well seasoned.

Dekker's CFS

Jan had the Shrimp Scampi with Fried Asparagus. Also very good.

Dekker's Shrimp Scampi

Brandi had the Rotisserie Chicken which she said was some of the best chicken she’s ever had.

It was lucky we got there early because by the time we left about 6:15 the place was pretty full. Really good. We’ll go back.

Out of 6 tries in taking Landon’s picture, this is the only one that came out.

Landon at Dekker's

Heading home after saying our goodbyes and getting Landon hugs, we luckily missed most of the ‘going home’ traffic. Getting back to the Clear Lake area, we stopped off at the Sam’s Club to see if they had a K-Cup storage drawer like the one that Lowell and Brandi had gotten there. But we didn’t find them.

Since we were so close, we next stopped off at Chris’ to pick up our mail, and then started home again. But remembering the Sam’s Club down in La Marque, only about 5 miles further down I-45 from our normal Dickinson turnoff, we drove on down there.

But that Sam’s said they hadn’t had any since around Christmas, so then it was finally home about 8:30 PM.

Later I found one on Amazon and it will be here Friday.

K-Cup Holder

K-cup Storage Drawer

Orlyn, one of our fellow gate guards who was down the road from us last year, called about my blog concerning changing the batteries in his Tire Pressure Sensor like I did, and wanted know how I did it. Turns out he has a Pressure Pro system, and like the previous Doran system I had, the batteries are not replaceable. You have to send the sensors back to the company and they will sell you new ones. That’s one of the reasons we changed to the
TireTraker. Orlyn also said our gate is still going strong, and our replacements, Jim and Linda Mossman, are still there. Glad to hear they’re doing OK.

On another note, one of our readers, Jerry Criswell, alerted me to the universally bad reviews on Amazon for the One Touch Can Opener that I mentioned the other day.

I don’t know what to tell you. Maybe they made them better 10 years ago or so when we bought ours, but ours has worked perfectly every time. As they say, Caveat Emptor.

Thought for the Day:

More of

You have freedom of choice concerning growing a mustache.

A five-day vacation requires only one suitcase.

Car mechanics tell you the truth.



3 Responses

  1. That food looked wonderful! Never had fried asparagus. Oh CFS, you are killing me!!

  2. Chris,

    It must have been really good.

    Jan wouldn’t share.

  3. OH you guys…Jan wouldn’t share…heehee…and cute little grandson peeking out!!

    I do think maybe you were fortunate with that can opener. Ours failed also after a short time. But if you get something when it first comes out, sometimes I think it is a better product. Reminded me of the first polyester fabric I bought and made a dress out of back in the late 1960s…I just got tired of the dress and gave it away…the fabric looked NEW all the years I wore it. Also, sometime during that time frame, I located some pantyhose that virtually never ran and never wore out. Of course, I have not worn nylons in many years…one of the nice parts of growing older and also of living most of the last decade in the south!! SANDAL country, baby!!

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