I Miss Ashtrays . . .

Jan and I decided to have breakfast this morning at the Sunflower Café down in Galveston so we headed out a little after 9 to get a jump on the crowds, but  were questioning the effectiveness of this when we got there and found the waiting room full. But we were seated immediately. Turns out there was a couple of big groups who were waiting, so lucky us.

The only problem was that we got seated right by the bakery area. But the Force was with us, and our willpower was strong, so we made it through breakfast and out the door without succumbing to temptation.

Sunfower Cafe - Bakery

Jan had a Belgian Waffle with Bacon and Eggs, while I tried something new. I had Carne Guisada with Eggs, which consisted of chunks of tender pork slow simmered in green chile sauce, covering scrambled eggs, and resting on a thick tortilla, along with refried beans and ranch potatoes.

Sunfower Cafe - Breakfast

Really, really good. Though Jan said her waffle wasn’t as warm as she would have liked.

I really miss ashtrays, at least in restaurants, not because I smoke, or plan to start, but because there’s no place to put your trash.

With an ashtray you have somewhere to put your trash. Like your empty sugar paks, creamer containers, napkin wrappers, straw wrappers, used lemon slices, etc. Otherwise the stuff just lays the table, getting in the way, and looking messy.

That’s one thing I like about Texas Roadhouse, the small galvanized bucket on the table for your peanut shells. You also have a place for your trash.

Leaving the Sunflower, we drove along the Seawall for a while, and the first thing we noticed was that the parking spots along the Seawall were almost completely empty.. Normally on a beautiful sunny day like today, the parking spaces would have been full with people walking on the beach with their kids, and patronizing the many businesses along the way. But no longer.

Back in August 2013 the city of Galveston started charging for the previously free parking spots. And visitors immediately stayed away in droves.

So much so, that according to this article, Seawall parking, the city lost $300,000 last year, instead of making $390,000. They say that it was because they started late in the season, but looking at the numbers, they will have to make up $690,000 next year. Plus what the local businesses say they’re losing.

Nobody ever plans for ‘Unintended Consequences.”

Heading back home, we  stopped off at Buc-ee’s for a couple of Cranberry Muffins for later, before a quick visit to Kroger’s for a few things, and then home.

Lowell sent over another photo of Landon at yesterday’s train show.

Landon at Train Show

Thought for the Day:

The Love of Power is the Demon of All Men – Arthur Bernard



2 Responses

  1. I stuff all my sugar packets under the lip of my plate. That way, I cannot see them.

  2. Nan,

    Yes, but you know they’re still there. LOL

    And what about the cream containers and used lemon slices. It’s gonna get pretty crowded under there.

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