Blah, Day Two . . .

Neither Jan or I felt much better this morning, but I needed to get my client’s UPS system up and running before he leaves for Ecuador tomorrow. So I once again headed about 10:30 for his shop over in Alvin.

I was trying to get his Customer Address book off of his old Win2000 machine transferred to his new Win8 laptop. Yesterday UPS sent me a link to download the 2012 version of their Worldship software. This is because you cannot transfer data from an old version to a new version separated by more than two years.

So trying to get from the original 2010 version to the new 2014 version, we had to use the 2012 version as an intermediary. So I downloaded and installed the 2012 version on my Win7 laptop and took it over there with me.

3 hours later, after a marathon Tech Support phone call, several false starts, a couple of detours, rebuilding some corrupted data, and a few more lost hairs (like I have them to spare), we had all 494 customer addresses moved into the new program. Job Done.

Getting paid (Yea!), I headed over to another client’s office to do some work on a network problem with his computer cash register program. But that was not to be.

He forgot to tell me that since I was here last year, he changed his office locks and my key no longer works. Oh well.

Before I left, I called Jan to see if she wanted to be ready to go to linner when I got home, but she said she really didn’t feel like going out, and suggested I bring Monterey’s Little Mexico Chicken Tortilla Soup and Beef Fajita Nachos home.

Later in the evening I fixed us a couple of K-Cups of Hazelnut Cream Cappuccino with our new brewer. So much easier than setting up for brewing a carafe.

Lowell sent this photo over of Landon getting in some last playtime before the cold snap hits tomorrow.

Landon Last Warm Day at the Park

Speaking of the cold snap, tomorrow should bring us our coldest temps so far. Our low tonight is supposed to be 60°. But tomorrow night’s low is expected to 28°. And then 26° on Monday night.

Time to disconnect and drain the water hose and put the heat lamp in the water bay.

Thought for the Day:"It is impossible to speak in such a way that you cannot be misunderstood." — Karl Popper



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  1. Wow, hope you both are feeling better soon…not fun and especially when the temps dip too!! Rest up and stay warm!! Hard to have to work too when not feeling up to par…my sympathies dealing with computer problems. Hubby does all of ours, but it can sure take a long time to get things doing what they should be doing!!

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