A Blah Day . . .

This morning started too early, even if it was getting up at 9:30.

For the last 3 or 4 weeks I’ve had a persistent cough that I attributed to allergies. I had the same thing when we were Gate Guarding in 2012. And after a couple of months it went away.

This year it was exactly the same. A ‘tickle’ in my throat that gives me coughing spells. But nothing else. No sneezing, no congestion, no runny nose, nothing but the cough.

But then last night I started coughing even more and getting a sore throat. So right before I went to bed I took a big swig of NyQuil and it really helped. I slept right through the night without coughing at all.

But for some reason when I got up this morning I was hoarse and my voice cracking when I talk. I also didn’t feel really good. Not bad, but just blah.

But duty calls, so about 10:30 I headed by over to the UPS upgrade client where I was yesterday. My task now was trying to get the address book data off the old machine and on to the new one.

After spending a good bit of time on the phone with UPS, they finally decided that the problem was that I was trying to go from the 2010 version of UPS Worldship to the 2014 version on Win8. And apparently you can’t do that directly.

So they sent me a link where I can download the 2012 version which must be installed on a Win7 machine. Then we can export the data from the old version into the 2012 Win7 version. And then we’ll export it from the 2012 version into the 2014 Win8 version.

Or at least that’s their story and they’re sticking to it. So I’ll download the 2012 here at the rig, install it on my Win7 laptop, then take that over to the client tomorrow, transfer the data back and forth, and see how it goes.

So that’s my tomorrow.

Then it was off  to another clients to install a new printer. Which didn’t work out very well. He bought the printer, a Samsung ML-2545 Laser Printer about a year ago and then stored it away. But when I got it out of the box, the toner cartridge was missing.

Turns out the client had taken the toner cartridge out months ago to use with another printer and forgotten about it. So we’re back to square one on this.

Heading back to the rig about 3 pm I was feeling worse and worse, just really, really tired. So getting home, I climbed into bed and took a 2 hour nap

I did feel a little better when I got up, at least well enough for Jan and I to head up to IHOP for supper. I guess it was OK, but neither of us remember much about it.

Brandi sent over the latest Landon photo, getting ready to head to town.

Landon Ready to Go to Town

Hopefully Jan and I will feel better tomorrow. But we’ll see.

Especially since I have to work tomorrow.

Thought for the Day:


I have informed my family that I will not be able to afford expensive nursing home care which would allow me to die with dignity;  So  I have moved to South America where I can spend my final years in Dignity.













BTW  Her name is Dignity



5 Responses

  1. Your symptoms are indicative of an environmental contamination such as mold or parasites. The coach may be the source since you both are ill. Please check your ventilation systems and storage areas. Respitory ailments are a serious matter. I am not a Doctor but I know people who have become seriously Ill from mold and parasites.

  2. A little Dignity never hurt anyone!!

  3. Both of you, get well soon. Thought, hugs and prayers headed your way.

  4. Thanks, Dave.

  5. I hope your cough goes away! My family and I are setting off for an adventure .. we just got an Itasca and we figured, why not?! We got a great deal here ( http://www.colonialitasca.com/itasca-winnebago-motorhomes.html ) just incase anyone is looking 🙂 Happy travels!

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