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Brandi sent over this photo of the final wrap-up of Landon’s Christmas. Originally Lowell, Brandi, and Landon were going up to see Lowell’s parents in Oklahoma the day after Christmas, and Santa had left Landon’s Hug Me Elmo there waiting for him. But plans changed so Grannie and Papa sent it down here to him

Landon and Elmo

Looks like they’re going to be inseparable.

And while I’m on family photos, here’s one of Zoe Nadeau, our daughter Brandi’s husband Lowell’s sister’s daughter’s daughter.

Hope you got that. There’ll be a short quiz afterwards.

Zoe Nadeau 8


Jan’s still under the weather, but not really worse. She still has the sore throat, but it doesn’t seem to have gone any further yet.  But just to be sure, if her throat isn’t any better by tomorrow, I’ll take her to the Dr. to have it checked out.

About 3 PM I headed out for some Chloraseptic Throat Spray from Kroger’s and a big batch of Chicken Tortilla Soup from Monterey’s Little Mexico.

Chicken Soup is good for a cold, right? Even if it does have tortilla strips and jalapenos in it, too?

Jan says the Chloraseptic Spray seems to help so we’ll see about tomorrow.

The temp never got out of the 40’s today, with 30’s set for tonight. And it looks like it will stay that way for the next week or so.

Later this afternoon Jan and I were watching one of those Mega RV Shows and saw this one.

It’s called the Decoliner, and has been described as what Flash Gordon uses on his vacations.


Although it looks like it was built in the 30’s, it’s a recent Randy Grubb creation. Handcrafted from aluminum, and built on a 1973 GMC Motorhome chassis, combined with a 1950 White Truck cab, it has that full-on Art Deco look.

Decoliner 2


And, yes, it can be driven from inside the cab, or from the flying bridge up top.

Decoliner 3



Here’s a short video that explains more about it, including how the remote steering works. Sure wouldn’t want to be driving it up top and hit a bump and that telescoping link come loose.


And it can be yours for only $500,000.

Got some good news from Amazon on the Kindle Paperwhite I recently ordered. Originally they said I would not receive it until the week of Jan 6-10. But now it should be here Saturday the 4th.

And it’s now shown up in my Kindle device list on Amazon so I can already send books to it, even before I receive it.   Neat!

Thought for the Day:

There is no power the state will not abuse.



3 Responses

  1. And it’s now shown up in my Kindle device list on Amazon so I can already send books to it, even before I receive it. Neat!

    Jeff Bezos has created one of the best 21st Century companies. They are sooooo smart and so customer friendly.

  2. Randy and his painter who is a friend of ours came to see us in Quartzsite maybe 2012. The painter is another Eagle bus owner. Happy New Year Leroy Willis

  3. We saw the Decoliner in Q in 2012, and I noted that in our blog.

    Also, by the magic of an I phone app, this is what happened to it.


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