Kindles, New and Old . . .

Today started out as sunny and beautiful, but we didn’t have a chance to sit outside with Mister and our coffee because Jan was waiting for our granddaughter Piper to come and pick her up for their Girl’s Day Out with a movie, lunch, and Mani-Pedi’s.

Piper showed up about 11 AM and she and Jan headed up to Webster to see “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”, starring Ben Stiller. Later at dinner, they both said that they really enjoyed the movie, although neither Jan or Piper had ever read the original Thurber short story, so they couldn’t say how closely the movie followed the original story. The 1947 movie version staring Danny Kaye, Virginia Mayo, and Boris Karloff. didn’t either. The reason is that many (most) of occurrences in the story are very dated, and probably wouldn’t make sense to today’s moviegoers.

Back at the rig, MIster did get to spend most of the day outside in the sun while I caught up on a bunch of small jobs and cleanup chores around here.

Since Jan already has her Kindle Paperwhite, and mine is on order, we really don’t need our original Kindles anymore, so I spent some time deregistering and resetting them to the factory defaults. This brings them back to new out of the box condition so they can be re-registered under a new account.

I did this because we’re going to give them to Chris and Linda for their use. They have their iPods for Kindle books, but these are lighter and work better in bright sunlight. Hope they enjoy them as much as we have.

About 4:30 I headed up to Webster to meet up with Chris, Linda, Piper, and Jan at the Buffalo Wild Wings. Love their Mango Habanero sauce. Sweet and very hot.  But BWW was not to be. Getting there about 5, I was told that there would be about an hour wait.


What’s up with that? The place looked pretty full but there was only about 6 people waiting for a table. Then I realized that there were football playoff games today, and since BWW is primarily a sports bar, people had been camped out all afternoon there, watching football, eating wings, and drinking beer, emphasis on beer.

So after a short conference in the parking lot, we all headed right down the street to eat dinner at Zio’s Italian Restaurant. We used to eat here all the time, but for some reason we haven’t been in a good while. Dinner was good, and it’s always fun to spend time with family.

The only downside is that Jan seems to be coming down with something. She woke this morning kind of congested, and by evening was starting to feel kind of ‘iffy’ with a bad sore throat.

We’ll see how it goes tomorrow.

Lowell sent over this photo of Landon playing in the park, telling his daddy how to climb from swing to swing. Seems to be pretty insistent about it.

Landon at Park 2

Not sure what’s going to be in store for tomorrow. We’ll see how it goes with Jan.

Thought for the Day:

If You Want Mine



6 Responses

  1. awww. . .sorry Jan is not feeling well. . .I’m considering doubling up on my decongestant regimen myself as it seems to be the season for yuk. . .

    I assume you guys are going to the Escapees Escapade in Goshen?. . .so perhaps we can meet up with you there. . .we just got registered and will arrive a couple of days early, Lord willing. . .

    That Landon is certainly getting to be a big boy. . .and just as cute as usual. . .so much fun!

  2. Here is hoping that Jan bounces back faster than an oil crew headed to the bar at the end of their shift. Wanted to comment on the playground equipment. That is such neat stuff. As a kid we had a teeter-totter, swings with thick wood seats (ouch) and an overhead ladder. None of which had safety in mind.

    I also want to suggest that if you have not at least given Downton Abbey a try, please get the first disc and take a look. I really did not think I would like it and now I can’t wait for the next episode. It is one of the best TV series ever.

  3. Yea, George is right about Downton Abbey…my hubby got hooked too. In fact, the last few weeks while we have been visiting one daughter we have been rewatching the earlier ones…yea, it is good enough to watch again…well, you see different things each time you watch that you may have missed the first time around.

    So sorry about Jan…sounds like some organic homemade chicken soup would be in order…filled with broccoli and garlic…those 2 are powerful in helping with respiratory stuff!! Also some good ole Concord Grape juice…had a doc tell me that they really do help get rid of a virus…and of course, if you put garlic in, that should help with even a bacterial infection!! Onions and shallots are awfully yum too!! I would make some up if we were not so far away…and bring it right over!!

    Landon is a cute little guy!! Obviously has some plans too huh??

  4. Elizabeth,

    Yeah, we got hooked on Downton Abbey a couple of years ago, and it’s already programmed into our DVR for when the next season starts.

  5. George,

    Yeah, we got hooked on Downton Abbey a couple of years ago, and it’s already programmed into our DVR for when the next season starts.

  6. Janice,

    We do plan on being at Goshen, and if things work out, it’s possible I will be doing a seminar on Gate Guarding.

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