It’s All Nick’s Fault . . .

I got tired of borrowing Jan’s Kindle Paperwhite every time I want to read at night, so I ordered one of my own last night. But I guess Amazon must have sold the heck out of Kindles for Christmas because, even with Amazon Prime, I not going to get mine until sometime after Jan. 6th.

Bummer. Guess it’s back to Jan’s for a while.

About 10 AM Jan and I headed out for our walk around the park, starting our coffee brewer going before we left. Getting back, Jan fed the birds and we (and Mister) sat outside and enjoy our coffee, our muffins, and our view of the bayou. Nice.

Later in the afternoon we did our first vacuum and seal with Jan’s new FoodSaver. She had stocked up on fresh cranberries and wanted to freeze some so she could use them later in the year when fresh ones weren’t available.

So we cut a slit in the original bags so the air could escape and then put the bags in FoodSaver bags and gave it a try. And it worked perfectly. The bags were sucked down to a hard lump, and  should keep for a good while in the freezer.

Originally Jan and I had planned to stay around the rig all day, and then finish off the Turkey Leftovers we brought home from Luby’s on Christmas Day. But Nick just had to go and tell me about how good the hot dogs were at Five Guys where they ate yesterday. So about 4 PM, I couldn’t stand it any more, so Jan and I headed over to the Victory Lakes area to have dinner at Five Guys.

Nick was right about their hot dogs (with bacon, cheese, mustard, relish, and onions), but he forgot to remind us not to get the large fries. They have three sizes: Little, Regular, and Large.

They really should be called Single, Family, and Mob. Since we were only getting one order to split between us, we figured we wanted the large order.


We pretty much got a grocery bag full of fries. More fries than we could eat. In fact, after we had eaten all we could hold, (and more) we had more fries left than we had eaten. In fact, I’d swear that we had more fries left than we started with originally. I think they were reproducing down there at the bottom of the bag. We couldn’t keep up.

We had so much left that Jan brought the bag full home to feed to the birds. I know seagulls like French fries. We’ll see about our other feathered visitors.

Tomorrow, Jan and our granddaughter Piper are going to have girl’s day out with lunch, a movie, and mani-pedi’s. Sounds like fun, and I’ll get some ME time.

Piper at TexRenFest

Piper is going to pick Jan up here at the park in the morning,  and I’ll meet up with them, along with Chris and Linda, for supper later in the evening.

Sounds like a nice day for everyone.

Thought for the Day:

                                                  Women Shop. Men Buy.




4 Responses

  1. The last 61 years have taught me that most things are indeed my fault.

  2. Glad we finally got that straight.

    I’m getting of repeating it over and over.

  3. Five Guys is my favorite hamburger place, closely followed by Steak ‘N Shake. I, too, made the mistake of ordering a large order of fries on my first visit. Now I go with the small and it is just the right amount.

  4. I may be a woman, but I shop like a man…..and of all things, John shops like a woman…drives my nuttier.

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