Hot Coffee and Hot Peppers . . .

After last night’s checkout with a K-Cup, I did an 8 cup pot using our new Hamilton Beach Flex Brew 2-Way coffee maker.

Hamiliton Beach FlexBrew

Hamilton Beach 49980A 2-Way Single Serve Brewer and Coffee Maker

And it was just as good as last night. We’re really going to enjoy having the convenience of doing single cups or full pots.

We didn’t sit outside with our coffee and muffins this morning, because with no sun and 55°, it was cold so, we stayed inside.

A little later we checked out Jan’s Christmas gift that she’d been wanting – A FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer.


FoodSaver V2244 Vacuum Sealing System

She’d been wanting one for a while, and since she was on Santa’s very naughty list this year, he fulfilled her wish.

Although this is their smallest model, it does everything the bigger ones will, including sealing jars. We had a lot of fun fooling around with it, just sealing up different bags of chips and other stuff, and also watching some YouTube videos about it.

My present was something I’d also been wanting, a Chia Willie, And believe me, I need a plant that’s hard to kill.

Willie Chia

Chia Willie Duck Dynasty Handmade Decorative Chia Pet Planter

Friend and Blog Reader George Stoltz sent over this article on the latest entry in the hot pepper wars.

This is the latest winner, the Carolina Reaper. They just look evil.

Peppers - New Hottest

A batch of these clocked at 1,569,300 Scoville Heat Unit, with an individual pepper rated at over 2.2 million. SHU.

Sounds tasty to me.

Jan’s sister, Debbie, sent over this photo of her kids and grandkids.

Debbie's Family Photo 2a

From left to right, that’s daughter Tana, her boyfriend Curt. son Jason, his wife Laura, daughter Christina, and Tana’s daughter Gwen.

Down in front, it’s Ella, and Avery Jane, and Laura’s holding the newest addition, Annisten. A really cute group.

Wrapping up, for all of  you complaining about your nasty weather this winter, check out Fairbanks. AK today. It was –49° this afternoon, and looked like this.

Fairbanks Arctic Cam 1

Now, stop your whining.

Thought for the Day:

Doubt that the government is screwed up, no matter who’s in charge.

They already have proven they can’t even run a cat house. Remember the Mustang Ranch fiasco in Nevada after it was seized by the IRS? They couldn’t make a profit selling sex and liquor to a bunch of horny guys with cash in their pockets. But we trust them with running our lives.



2 Responses

  1. I hope that what is in Fairbanks stays in Fairbanks. It is mighty nice here in Alabama!

  2. Nan,

    Where are you in Alabama?

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