Ho, Ho, Ho . . .

Lucky for us, Landon didn’t get up until almost 7 this morning. I reminded Brandi that she and Chris would try to get up around 4am, and we’d make them stay in their rooms  until at least 6. So Brandi was getting off easy.

Christmast 2013 1


Here’s what Landon saw as he came out of his room.

Christmast 2013 2


At first he was kind of overwhelmed, but quickly got in the mood and started going through the packages.

Christmast 2013 3

What was funny is that, at first, Landon didn’t really want to have anything to do with the Kawasaki 4 Wheeler. He went through everything else first.

Christmast 2013 4

Christmast 2013 5


In the middle of all this, the Ghost of Christmas Present, in the form of Miss Piper, passed through the scene on her way back to the sofa where she’d been residing all morning. Then a few minutes later, she gave it up and went back to bed for a while.

Christmast 2013 6


Finally Landon began to show interest in his new 4 Wheeler.

Christmast 2013 7


Then about that time, Landon realized that I was taking his picture and raised his shields to protect himself from the camera’s deadly rays.

Christmast 2013 8

But then it was back to his new toy.

Christmast 2013 9

Christmast 2013 10

Here you can see his old and his new 4 Wheelers. Quite a size difference.

Christmast 2013 11

Finally, it was time for him to strap on his crash helmet and hit the track, er . . . street. His helmet also came with knee pads, but he refused to wear them.

How did we ever survive as kids without helmets and knee pads?

Christmast 2013 12

Then it was out onto the street and down to the park.

Christmast 2013 13

Of course, Mommy, Daddy, and Miss Piper were along as the obligatory pit crew.

Christmast 2013 14

Later, about 12:30, Miss Piper, Jan, and I, headed back down to Clear Lake. Then stopping off at Chris and Linda’s to meet up with them, we drove over to the Luby’s Cafeteria across from Johnson Space Center to have our Christmas dinner.

We were kind of afraid that they might be really busy, being one of the few places open on Christmas Day, but were happy to find them no busier than a normal Sunday, and we only had to wait about 5 minutes before we were going down the line.

The food was really fresh and really good, and we got a couple of turkey and dressings to go, because Jan insists it’s not a real Christmas dinner unless you have leftovers. So we got our leftovers to go.

Jan and I got back to the rig about 3:30, and after we got unpacked, naps seemed to be in order, rounding out a really nice day.

Merry Christmas to everyone.

Thought for the Day:

“Just because it’s a conspiracy theory, doesn’t mean it’s a CRAZY conspiracy theory”.



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  1. Jan and Greg…how about giving us a shout on email: mike.sandy.mills@gmail.com. We are in the Houston area for about a month and would like to say hello. Merry Christmas! Mike M

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