A Delicious Two’fer . . .

Again with the Christmas song thing, here’s an a capella group called Pentatonix doing their version of ‘Little Drummer Boy”, and they do all the instruments too. If you’ve ever seen a group called “Six”, you know how good this can be. Check it out.

Today was a movie day for us, so we headed out about 10:30. Our first stop was up in Webster to have lunch at King Food. Chicken in Hot Garlic Sauce with Jalapeno’s, and Hot & Sour Soup can’t be beat. The day was off to a great  start.

After lunch and a stop by the PO to drop off more Christmas Card, we headed up I-45 toward the theatre, but we were running ahead of schedule, so another stop at Sam’s Club to pick up a few things killed some time.

‘The movie we wanted to see was “Ender’s Game”, based on a famous sci-fi book first published in 1985. The story follows Andrew “Ender” Wiggin as he and other children are trained to combat an alien invasion force, not by actually fighting, but directing the Earth military forces as they fight in space. And like many good books (and movies) this story has a real twist at the end.

Having read the book when it first came out, I enjoyed seeing Jan’s reaction when she realized what was going on. Kind of like her reaction at the end of “Planet of the Apes” when Charleton Heston sees the remains of t he Statue of Liberty and Jan realized the entire story has taken place on Earth all along.

A great story, and a really good movie. We both enjoyed it a lot.

Heading back south, and after a quick stop at Chris and Linda’s to pick up our mail and drop off some things, it was after 5pm so we decide to have dinner at Monterey’s Little Mexico down in Dickinson. Combined with King Food’s Hot & Sour Soup, a big bowl of Monterey’s Chicken Tortilla Soup is what made today a great Two’fer

It looks like we’ll have to make tomorrow another movie day and see Thor: A Dark World, before it gets pushed out on Wednesday by the new releases that are starting early due to the holidays.

Oh darn.

Thought for the Day:

Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance.



7 Responses

  1. Pentatonix is an Awsome group….I Love Six but had never heard of this group….Such talented people…

  2. Gees Greg, I was confused…lol…It isn’t Six I was thinking of, but The Piano Guys….They are Awsome….They just posted a new rendition of Angels We Have Heard on High on You Tube..The things they do with the Piano is amazing…

  3. Talk about timing. Seconds ago we just finished watching Pentatonix on the TODAY show. And, we have seen SIX in Branson.

  4. Sounds like a fun day!! You all seem to find great eateries!! But not in states we currently frequent!! Keep having fun!! Love your photos and stories on Mister too…what a funny cat!!

  5. Thanks, Elizabeth.

  6. Greg
    you ate at a Saltrass restaurant in the Houston area on a boardwalk. Which one was it? Gate is still slow, altho we did have a very busy day yesterday with 52 entrys…..could hardy stand the strain. Plan is to leave this area Jan 26th and head for Abbyville, LA for a month.

  7. Jim,

    It was the Saltgrass restaurant on the Kemah Boardwalk in (what else) Kemah.

    We’re only about 5 miles from it here in the RV park.

    Hope ya’ll have quiet, warm finish up to your gate.

    Keep in touch.


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