Jan’s Favorite Christmas Song . . .

Jan’s Favorite Christmas Song is ‘Mary, Did You Know” and she has just about every different version of it, but this version is her new favorite. Even better, the little girl’s name is Noelle. And her voice is amazing.


R.I.P. James (Butterbean) Carpenter

Joyce Carpenter let us know this morning that her husband, and our friend and long-time blog reader, ‘Butterbean’ Carpenter was killed in a car accident this past Wednesday, Dec. 11th.  We had been corresponding with him for several years, and finally got to meet him and Joyce in February 2012 when we got together at the Salt Lick BBQ in Driftwood, TX.

Butterbean and Joyce

Our daughter Brandi even designated him Landon’s “Honorary Uncle”.

He will be missed.

Jan’s been putting out feed for the birds and they finally found it, especially the Monk Parakeets.

Monk Parakeets on the feeder

She’s even putting out carrots for the bunny rabbit that shows up at night.

In other animal news, I was going to throw away the box my new printer came in, but Mister had another idea.

Mister's New Box

Apparently it’s his box now.

RV’ing New York City

Want to check out New York City without paying for an expensive campground? Just park your RV on the street like these people do. I think your biggest problem might be coming back to your rig and finding it up on blocks and all your tires gone.

The tide was out today and that’s when all the seagulls show up to dine on the many tasty treats that are revealed.

Seagulls on the Mudflats 1

Seagulls on the Mudflats 2

Tomorrow’s going to be a movie day. We plan on having lunch at King Food and then catching the 1:30 showing of Ender’s Game. Then sometime in the next couple days we also plan to see Thor: The Dark World. Both of these have been out since the first part of November, while we were still on the gate, and we want to see them before they’re pushed out by the Christmas movies.

Today we spent a good while catching up on the new Fall shows we DVR’ed while we were still on the gate. So far we’ve caught up on Grimm, Once Upon A Time, Big Bang Theory, Two and A Half Men, and now we’re working on Agents of SHIELD. Next up are Nashville, Person of Interest, Sleepy Hollow, Once Upon A Time in Neverland, Castle, Mentalist, and Bones. Hopefully we’ll be caught by the time all the new episodes start back up.

Since I started out this blog with a song, I thought I end it with one too. This is Jase and Missy Robinson of the Duck Dynasty crew singing “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”. Missy has a great voice, and Jase is not too bad either.

Check it out.

Jase and Missy Robinson

Thought for the Day:

Why is it  you can buy a Sunbeam 8-12 cup coffee maker for under $20.00, but one that only makes one cup at a time costs over $100.00?



11 Responses

  1. R.I.P. James Carpenter…Such a shame Especially near Christmas…..Love the Birds, I would so enjoy watching them…And Mister too…So funny to watch a cat and a new box….Love the Duck Dynasty Video, but the Winner is Noelle….OMG…It sent shivers up and down my spine….LOve that song and she is so talented and so young…Do you know anything about her?….Amazing….Thank You so much for posting….What a wonderful way to start the day by hearing her angelic voice….

  2. We pretty much watch the same stuff you do but I also like
    White Collar and the new Fox show of Almost Human.

  3. Greg,We also see the Monk parrots at Green Caye RV Park over here in Dickinson.I saw them on my walk yesterday,they really make a racket.There are large colonies of them living in the electrical equipment at the generating station at San Leon near you.

  4. Loved the Duck Dynasty video, that was very funny, but the video at the beginning of your blog was VERY good. I also loved that article you linked to about RVing in NYC, but you know those upper west siders will find some way to kick them out unfortunately. Also, I love your cat’s name, Mister! Did you just come up with that name or was it inspired?

  5. From time to time, “Butterbean” Carpenter would comment on my blog, and I’d wonder, “who the heck is this guy?”. His comments were usually amusing and colourful. Very sad to read of his sudden passing. Were there any details available?

  6. So sorry to hear about Butterbean Carpenter. Thank you for letting us know.

  7. Rest in peace Butterbean. Wishing peace and comfort to Mrs. Carpenter.

  8. Margaret,

    Don’t know a lot about Noelle. She does have her own channel on YouTube, tho.

  9. Mister was a stray we took in. Or actually he just adopted us.

    At first glance my wife thought he was a female, so we named him/her Miss Kitty.

    Then when I looked closer I saw that he was a he, but had been fixed. So his name was changed to Mister Kitty.

    Which then got shortened to Mister.

  10. Bob,

    All his wife said in her email was that he had a head-on collision with another pickup truck.

    Don’t know anymore than that.

  11. […] a blog this morning RvSue and her canine crew I noticed a comment leading to another blog Our Rv Adventures  and was shocked to read that Butterbean had bean killed in a tragic traffic accident on Dec […]

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