Back to Dreary . . .

This morning we were back to dreary once again with no sun to be seen. A little warmer to be sure, but only in the low 50’s. The only good thing was no wind. Dickinson Bayou in front of our rig was smooth as glass.

But it was a little different up in Fairbanks AK today. We spent 5 months there in 2008, but it was the summer time. But even then it only made 80 degrees one day, and that was the 4th of July.

Downtown Faribanks 2013 12 11

This was taken sundown today at 2:20pm. It was 3 degrees, with a low expected tonight of –11 degrees.

Makes our weather not sound so bad.

About noon I headed out for some errands with my first stop at the Post Office to get some Christmas stamps and mail off the first batch of  Christmas cards.

After that I checked a nearby Radio Shack looking for some soldering iron tips, but they don’t stock them, and it looks like no one else in town does either so I’ll probably have to get them online. Amazon here I come.

My last stop before heading home was to pay some bills. Then after a quiet afternoon that included a nap, Jan and I headed out about 5pm to meet Chris and Linda at Barcenas Mexican Restaurant, right near our house. And even better, Miss Piper showed up since she got off work early.

We’ve been eating at Barcena’s since 1998 when it opened and it’s always good. And tonight was no exception. We spend some time talking about our plans for getting together Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, trying to figure out everyone’s schedule. But somehow we’ll make it work.

Not sure yet what’s on the schedule for tomorrow. But I’ll probably take another look at my leaking shower problem. I have a couple of more ideas I want to try. And if the weather stays halfway nice I want to look at the problem with our step not wanting to retract or extend.

It’s always something.

Thought for the Day:

"Oh how sweet it is to hear one’s own convictions from another’s lips." – Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe



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  1. And the wind is blowing and light snow this evening. Mike E. We thought we would sty home this winter just to enjoy not traveling.

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