Turkey Cranwich and Chicken Chili . . .

Another cold, dreary, dizzily, windy day here on Dickinson Bayou, so it seemed to be a good day to do some shopping. And lunch, or course.

Our first stop was the Target over by I-45 and FM 646 to see if they carried some different brands from Wal-Mart. Jan did find some things she was looking for, but not everything, so it was off to the next-door Staples with not much more luck than Target or Wally World.

By this time we were getting hungry so it was off to Jason’s Deli up in Webster. Jan had a favorite, the Turkey Cranwich, while I had my usual Southwest Chicken Chili and a side salad. Jason’s Deli is one of our favorite places, but not always easy to find while we travel so we try to make up for it while we’re here.

After a nice long lunch, our next stop was Half-Price Books, while I shopped the Office Depot next door. Neither of us had any luck finding what we were looking for, so I ordered what we both wanted from Amazon before we left the parking lot, and it will be here Wednesday. I love Amazon Prime.

Then it was off to get my quarterly haircut at Lou’s Barber Shop, the same place I’ve been getting it cut for over 30 years. Of course I had a lot more hair when I started going there.

Our last stop was at Chris and Linda’s to pick up our mail from Linda. Chris had been called in for some overtime so he wasn’t there.

Earlier in the day, our daughter Brandi emailed over the latest Landon story.

I was driving Landon to school this morning and listening to the radio while Landon quietly ate his granola bar in the backseat. I had already previously tried to initiate a sing-a-long of some Christmas favorites but was promptly “advised” to quit singing, but I digress. 

While driving along, minding my own business, I glanced quickly back and noticed Landon had a very serious look on his face. I asked him if he was ok to which I received the “look” so I assumed I should go back to minding my own business, but after a second or two he said, “Momma, is there Electricity?” I then responded with a most intelligent response explaining lights and TV’s, etc.

He then asked, “Does electricity make the wheels go on the car?” I tried explaining about motors and engines but I think he had already tuned me out so I asked what made him ask me that and he kept looking at the back of the seat near the floor board pointing at something.

When we finally got to school I went and asked what he was looking at and he pointed to the knob that makes the seat go forward. We never use it so I am not sure why it got his attention or how he connected that with electricity but it was a fun conversation.

I still have no idea where he got the word electricity but he said it perfectly!!! No big punch line moment, just a proud mommy moment.

How to Make More than Minimum Wage:

1. Obtain a minimum wage job.

2. Tell your boss you want to work as many hours as possible and that you want him/her to call you if they ever need you to fill in for somebody else’s shift.

3. Show up early for your shift and be ready to work before your shift begins. Maintain a positive and cheerful "can-do" attitude at all times. Never complain and if you must, arrange a one-on-one with your boss in private and have a proposed solution.

4. Once you learn the basics of your job and have it down pat, tell your boss that you are ready for more responsibility. Offer to train your replacement.

5. Once you are promoted (and you will be), master your new job and tell your boss you are ready for more responsibility.

6. Repeat the above until you are running the place yourself.



4 Responses

  1. Wow, sounds like the grandson is a real thinker…not easy to answer such hard questions!!

  2. If only your message was posted in the break room of most retail establishments, especially fast food.

  3. It’s amazing how many people want to by-pass the work ethic phase of working and go straight for management…and you can see where that has gotten us.

  4. Elizabeth,

    I think Brandi still waiting for the “Mommy, why is the sky blue?” question.

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