Foot Stomping and Doing Nothing . . .

Friday was basically a errand/client day with stops at Fry’s and several other places checking out laptops for a client, Then it was off to Sam’s Club and Wal-Mart to pick up a few things. I also checked what they had in the way of laptops, but didn’t see anything in my price range.

My next stop was a client’s office to take a look at a printer problem he was having, The culprit was a Canon Copier/Printer similar to this one.

This is a network printer that the client uses to print out 1000’s of pages for the catalogs he sends out to customers. The computer said the printer wasn’t online, but the printer said it was too online. So I went back to the computer and tried to set up another printer driver, but was not able to see the printer at the static IP address it was set to (192.168.1. 10).

Next up I checked the CAT5 cables connecting the printer and computer to the router. I knew the computer line was OK since it was able to the see the Internet.  And the connection lights on both the printer and router ends were flashing away, a pretty good indication that that line was also good.

So it was back to the client to get some more info about when the problem occurred. After repeatedly pressing him on when/how it had quit working. He finally said “Oh, yeah. I switched our Internet service from the phone company to Comcast and they mentioned that they made some changes to the router.

Well, doh!

At this point, I was almost certain I knew what had happened. Comcast had probably changed the local private IP address from192.168.X.X to the other main one 10.0.X.X. (There is a 3rd one, 172.16.X.X, but it’s not used very often).

And as it turns out, I was right. So rather than trying to change everything back on Comcast’s end, I just change the printer’s static IP address to, and then changed the IP address in the printer driver , and now everything worked.

So after fixing his problem I felt a little less guilty about picking up my check while I was there. My next stop, (after the bank to deposit the check) was our storeroom to drop off some stuff and pick up some stuff, mainly Jan’s bird feeder to put out in front of the rig.

Finally getting back to the rig about 4:30, I turned right around and Jan and I headed out about 5 to meet a couple of friends, Maria and Connie, at the Joe’s BBQ over in Alvin, TX for dinner. Then all of us headed over to the Alvin Opry for the Friday night show.

As usual, Gene Hofford, the owner (along with his wife, Sue) of the Alvin Opry opened the show with a rousing number.

Gene Hofford

Like many of the band and performers here, Gene had a number of  hits back in the 60’s, including ‘Better Hang On Girl’ and ‘Surf Bunny’. Then after a number of local favorites, it was time for the feature, and who we especially came for, John Mark Davis.

John Mark Davis 

John Mark is the full-blooded son of a chief of the Adai Caddo Indians of Louisiana, and has performed all over the country. He has opened for Mark Chestnutt and Tracy Byrd, and was offered a slot opening for Dwight Yoakum, but due to a prior obligation was unable to accept.

He was also twice an award winner in the Nashville’s Music City Song Fest, and really knows how to work a crowd and keep you entertained. He’s also know for his hilarious versions of Kaw-Liga, Running Bear, and Please Mr. Custer.

You can go here and download for free, or listen to one of John Mark’s songs oh his website.

So you can blame John Mark for us getting home late and you not getting a blog yesterday.

Today, Saturday, was pretty much a hang-around-the-rig day. I did spend some time pulling our winter coats out from the back of the truck, since it looks like we’re going to need them for a while. But other than that, we just goofed off all day.

BTW right now at 11:55pm Saturday night, it’s 29 degrees in Whitsett at our old gate. Really glad it’s our OLD gate, and not our present one. Feel sorry for Jim and Linda.

Thought for the Day:

To me, old age is always 15 years older than I am. – Bernard M. Baruch



3 Responses

  1. Lucky we did not get the rain. Still slow. Suposed to shut everything down here for 3-4 days when they finish the frac next door. Do not think it will affect us….other than no business.

  2. I did not know Alvin had an Opry. Something for the “get-around-to-it” list!

  3. Judy,

    We’ve been going since 1996 and have always enjoyed it.

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