Nice while it lasted . . .

When we first started RV’ing back in 2008 we always heard about the fantastic support from Fantastic Vent (Fan), never charging people for replacement parts for their products, no matter how old. And this proved to be true for us when I needed a new cover lift motor for one of the fans in our 1999 American Eagle. Even though the fan was 10 years old there was no charge for the replacement, not even shipping.

Then in 2010 when Atwood, the RV water heater people, bought them out I remember commenting to Nick Russell, wondering if that level of support would continue.

Well, as it happens, it didn’t. The same motor I replaced in 2009 died while we were working the gate, but I waited until now to get it replaced. And the motor that was free in 2009 now costs $35.00 plus $12.95 shipping.

Well, it was nice while it lasted.

After a nice, quiet day we picked up Judy and Dick Mott at their RV where they’re parked down at Latitudes RV Park down in San Leon. Dick and Judy have been blog readers for a while, and as it turns out, were gate guarding for Gate Guard Services at the same time we were, and only a few miles away from us. But we all had to come back to this area to get together. We had dinner at Floyd’s Cajun Seafood, one of our favorite local restaurants, and spent about 3 hours talking and learning how many friends we have in common.

Judy and Dick Mott

Judy, Dick, Jan, Greg

All in all, a great time was had by all.

Brock’s Car Care called this afternoon and said our truck is ready to go. Told them we’d pick it up tomorrow morning. They had called earlier and said my battery wasn’t holding a charge, and they had to jumpstart it every time they needed to move it. So I guess I’m getting a new battery along with a new front end.

Oh, well.

Thought for the Day:

"Freedom is not free. It is bought at a high price. It can be squandered cheaply."—Jerry Pournelle



6 Responses

  1. Greg:

    I am writing in defense of Fantastic/Atwood. I just received a new lift motor and arm from them. All it cost me was the shipping. Their current guarantee is for 7 years. I don’t know of another RV related product that is guaranteed this long. I was quite happy to have my fan still be covered by their guarantee.

  2. Last year and over on the Escapee’s Forum, I predicted that the free and very responsive service from Fantastic Fans would end with the buy out. But at least there is some consolation that Fantastic Fans did not just fade into the sunset.

  3. Doug,

    The difference is that there didn’t used to any warranty length at all.

    In 2008 people who had units made in the late 80’s got free replacement parts.

    Plus the motor I got from them in 2009 apparently only had a 1 year warranty (that’s what they said when I asked about it).

    I’ve heard of people who got complete new fans from them for no charge years afterwards.

    Before they sold out, Fantastic Vent was a family-owned company. Now they’re owned by a big corporation.

    I think that’s the real difference.

  4. Greg and Jan, Dick and I enjoyed meeting and visiting with y’all and hope we have a chance toget together again before we all leave the area.

  5. Wow, a picture of Greg along with Jan….!!

  6. Sorry you have had to have repairs done…well, you are helping the local economy there…at least that!!

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