Back to ‘Normal’

Today was really our first ‘normal’ day back here at Galveston Bay RV Resort. We had lunch at Monterey’s Little Mexico for Chicken Tortilla Soup and Beef Fajita Nachos. Then it was off to a client’s house/office out in the country. Like many of my clients, these are also long-time friends. In fact they used to live right down the street from us and our daughters grew up together.

In this case Tom’s computer, one that I built for him in January 2007, is still going strong. But it has been made obsolete by time. He uses it mostly for customer emails and shipping UPS packages using their software. But the latest version of UPS Worldship no longer supports the OS, Windows 2000, running on this computer. And although the computer could be upgraded to run a newer OS, it still would be a 7 year old computer.

So we’re going to replace it, probably with a laptop, since they’re traveling more now. He’s also going to have to replace one of his printers, an older model that HP didn’t support with Win7/Win8 drivers.

I’ll get back to him later this week with several laptop ideas for him to select from and we’ll go from there..

Our next stop was a Starbuck’s for a Pumpkin Spice Latte for Jan and  a Cinnamon Dolce Latte for me before heading to the Chase Bank next door. They sent me a new VISA debit card to replace my old one because they received information that my old number may have been compromised. I haven’t noticed any problems but why take a chance. I just needed to run it through the ATM to activate it.

Then it was off to another client’s to check in and get some idea of any upgrades he wants while I’m here.

Our last stop before we headed home was at Tuesday Morning so Jan could check out their Christmas card selection. She says they always have the most unique cards at the best prices.

Getting home about 4pm, it was time for a nap.

And it was a good nap.

Thought for the Day:

When a man steals your wife, there is no better revenge than to let him keep her.  – King David



2 Responses

  1. Greg … I hope your client/friend has more patience than me. I just bought a new laptop with Windows 8 (moving up from XP) and I’m about nuts. Windows For Dummies has become my new best friend 😦

  2. Jim,

    If it didn’t come with it, upgrade your Win 8 to Win 8.1.

    It will allow you to make it look and operate like XP or Win 7.

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