Resting Up and Wrapping Up . . .

Today was pretty much a rest-up day from yesterday’s Texas Renaissance Festival visit. Actually we seem to be doing a lot of resting up lately. Resting up from 3 months on the gate, resting up from Thanksgiving, resting up from . . . Well you get the picture.

But we were rested enough to want breakfast this morning so about 10:30 we headed out for the breakfast buffet at La Brisa right up the road on 146. They have one of the best breakfasts around with a combination of American and Mexican dishes. Great!

Afterwards we drove around for a while to check out changes in the area before heading over to Chris and Linda’s to drop off some of Jan’s sausage balls that we forgot to give them after Thanksgiving.

Our granddaughter Piper told us the other day that she’s still on course for her medical education. January 14th she starts a 10 week course to become an EMT. Then next it’s on to Paramedic school. She then plans to use her employment in these fields to help fuel her further schooling. They will also count as clinical hours during these classes.

Piper at TexRenFest

Sounds like she’s really got her career on track. And beautiful to boot.

We also heard from Jim and Linda Mossman, the couple who took over our gate when we left November 23rd. Sounds like they’re not any busier so far than we were. You can check out their blog here: Jim and Linda’s Travels. I’ve also added their blog to the blog rolls here.

I’ve been looking over our travels this past year, which completes our 6th year of full-timing. We did 7,779 miles this year for a total of 60,386 miles for the 6 years.

This means our coach, a 1999 American Eagle,  now has a total of 124,897 miles on it, and so far she’s still going strong. (fingers crossed). Our toad (truck) now has a little over 208,000 miles on it, 107,000 that we put on it since we bought it in the fall of 2007. Of course this doesn’t include the 60,000 miles it’s been towed behind the rig, mileage that doesn’t get recorded on the truck’s odometer.

All in all, a nice year, and I think we’re all ready to go again next year. Well, the truck’s in the shop, but I’m sure it’ll be ready too. (Well, I hope.)

Tomorrow it’s time to get back to work with a client visit or two. Hopefully we’ll also hear something about the truck from the shop.

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3 Responses

  1. Love LaBrisa but never gone to breakfast there. Still hope to meet.

  2. It sound like Piper has a good plan for her education and future. I knew a young lady back in Oklahoma many years ago who first got her Paramedic in two years and then worked while getting her two year RV nursing degree. She was really set to work both areas and I think may have started with the cardiac care ambulance unit at a large hospital in Oklahoma City.

  3. How funny that the Mossmans would relieve you. I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting them yet but we have mutual friends in common, Bobbie and Jim Chapman who have been gate guards for GGS. As I understand from Bobbie, they are very nice people. Jim also builds a great set of wooden steps to butt up next to a 5th wheel so you don’t have to navigate the metal ones. We are thinking about getting a set when we head out next year. Glad to hear you had wonderful Thanksgiving with your family. Cheers!

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