Post Turkey Day . . .

As I said yesterday, today was going to be a do-nothing day. And it was. In fact we never even went outside the rig at all. Just hot coffee and warm sausage balls for breakfast.

Speaking of sausage balls, I posted a couple of new recipes in Jan’s Favorite Recipes area. The first one is an update on her Sausage Ball recipe, this one adding cream cheese for creamier, cheesier version of this great treat. As usual yesterday, the first thing everyone ask as they arrived was, “Where’s the sausage balls?” And everyone liked the new version.

The second new recipe is Cranberry Christmas Cake. With only 6 ingredients, its tart, sweet, buttery taste is a real treat. Easy to make, with no topping or icing needed, it was a big hit at Thanksgiving dinner, and we had almost none left to bring home. Check ‘em out!

I also added some new info under the Gate Guard Info tab. A blog reader told me about another Gate Guard company called Guard 1 Services, and they are presently advertising for Gate Guards.

I also posted under my Other Interesting Blogs a link to Workers on Wheels, a website listing jobs for RV’ers. Looks pretty neat.

Tomorrow all 11 of the us are heading about 70 miles north to the Texas Renaissance Festival, the largest one in the country. The last time Jan and I went was 2007, but we attended many times over the years when the kids were younger. So we’re really looking forward to it again.

Thought for the Day:

From the World of Student Errors –

Then came the Middle Ages. King Alfred conquered the Dames. King Arthur lived in the Age of Shivery. King Harold mustarded his troops before the Battle of Hastings. Joan of Arc was cannonized by Bernard Shaw, and victims of the Black Death grew boobs on their necks. Finally, Magna Carta provided that no true man should be hanged twice for the same offense. 



4 Responses

  1. Renaissance Festival on my list for next year.

  2. Oops! Hit button too soon. Kids have gone, but we have not. If time next week, give us a call so we can meet.

  3. If you ever thought of working as a guard – here are some companies ….

    I have two friends who are doing it and have been for 1 1/2 years.  Together they pull in $4k/month.  

    They need couples – I had intended to do it but couldn’t find somebody else who wanted to move their rv and become a gate guard.

    Oh, everything is included …. tv service, water, electricity, propane – so you have no expenses.

    I am sure there are complains but I’ve never heard any……


  4. Judy,

    Will do.

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