Gobble Gobble, Almost . . .

It was horrible. I had to get up at 7:15 this morning.

First up I had to put a call into Coach-Net to activate my towing appointment to get my truck towed up to Brock’s Car Care to have them take a look at my front end noise problem. Then I also had to call the EZ Tag Toll Pass people to transfer my pass to the rental car.

By the time I did all that and then got dressed, the tow truck was here. Once he got the front end hooked up and lifted, I put the truck in Neutral Tow Mode and off he went with us following in the rent car.. Getting to Brock’s, I went inside while the tow guy unhitched the truck, and by the time he was finished outside, I was finished inside. And after tipping him $5, we went our separate ways.

Our way consisted of the Jack in the Box next door so Jan could get a Supreme Croissant breakfast sandwich and a Christmas Toasty Jack antenna ball for our truck(when we get it back). Then it was across the street to the Starbuck’s for Cinnamon Dolce Lattes for two.

Finally, about 9:30 we were on our way up to Brandi’s for a day of cooking. They were trying to get pretty much every thing done before tomorrow.

And to make a long story short, and because I’m tired and we have to get up early again tomorrow, they got everything done, and it looked delicious.

The End.

Thought for the Day:

Paranoia is just having the right information. – William S. Burroughs



4 Responses

  1. Just finished up myself with prep for tomorrow…and was almost 1 am…tis nice to have several people cooking…I miss that about how things used to be when we were younger…but we are doing a less involved thing tomorrow as it will just be 3 of us…waiting until son’s family can meet up (after the outage at his plant is over in Dec sometime).

    Did you ever find the squash? You would not think it would be that hard to locate.

  2. Yes I am also curious whether the squash was located or it will roam free till the next holiday.

  3. Brandi finally found some.

  4. Brandi finally found some and Thanksgiving was saved.

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