Changing of the Guards . . .

Well, it’s done. We’re off the gate for this year.

I spent last night getting everything but our canopy taken down and packed away, even if somewhat soggy. Tearing down the canopy can be a one man operation, but I didn’t want to chance it in the 20 mph winds we were having all night. Before I can take it apart, it has to be completely unstaked and all the tie downs removed. And of course right about then a big wind gust would make it look like Dorothy’s house in the tornado. So I saved that for when Jan got up about 7am.

About 8:45 I called our support guy Todd, and got Joseph instead. Todd was off this weekend and Joseph was filling in. I called to be sure he would have an extension cord on his truck. While I was reconfiguring the cords getting the rig unplugged from the generator, I found the plug on one cord had overheated and just came apart when I pulled on it.. This one powered the front set of light stands and also the bell. So the new guards were going to need it.

At about 7:30 Jan and I started in on the canopy, and since the wind had died down it went pretty easy. The only problem was that the canopy was wet from the rain when we took it off, so rather than pack it away in the case, we just stuffed it in a large garbage bag, and we’ll dry it out after we get back to Houston and the weather improves.

My last chore was to stow the water and sewer hoses, leaving only our electrical cord to unplug from the generator before we pulled out. Well, that and the slide.

Then it was just a matter of waiting for our relief. I forgot to ask Joseph whether it would be just him relieving us until the new guards showed up, or if he was bring them with him.

As it turned out, Jim and Donna Mossman showed up with Joseph about 9:30. While Jan went over the logs with Donna, I caught Jim up on some things about the site. Interestingly, Jim and Donna are long-time blog readers, so It was good to finally meet them. I think we left our gate (ex-gate?) in good hands.

When I saw them pulling in, I went ahead and cranked up the rig, so by the time we were ready to leave, the rig was up on the airbags and ready to roll. After saying our goodbyes, and unplugging the electric and bringing in the slide, we pulled out.

Well, I pulled out. Jan on the other hand, took off like a bat out of hell, never looking back and leaving me in her dust. I finally caught up with her at the Gate Guard Services yard and we parked and got set up. As it turns out we’re parked in exactly the same spot as when we first got here in April last year for our first gate guarding adventure..

Gate Guard Lot 1

We’ve just got 50amp, but that’s no problem for one night. As soon as I was done with the set up, I headed off to bed since It was now 10:30, and I was already 3 hours into my normal sleep time. So a nap was in order to start getting me back on a somewhat normal sleep schedule.

About 3:30 Jan and I headed over to Pleasanton for dinner and some grocery shopping. On the way we drove by the gate to check things out, and it looked like Jim and Donna were all set up and had made themselves at home. Good to see.

Dinner was at Chili’s, and the shopping was Wal-Mart and HEB, and we were home by a little after 6pm.

Tomorrow, we’ll head for Houston about 9:30 with a stop at the Buc-ee’s in Luling for coffee and a kolache for breakfast. Tomorrow night we’re meeting Chris, Linda, and Piper at our favorite Chinese restaurant, King Food.

Family and good food. Can’t be beat.

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7 Responses

  1. Have a safe trip back and look forward to getting together to finally meet y;all. interesting on passing off to the new gate guards. The couple who replaced us did not even talk to us except to be rude, and I was left to check trucks \in and out for almost an hour after Dick drove our MH down the road. But then, they quit before the day was over!

  2. Greg

    You made a small error. It’s LINDA not DONNA Mossman. She will be devistated. Her moment of fame, and no one will tecognize her….
    Jim Mossman

  3. So glad it went off without a hitch…..All your planning went well…Bet your ecstatic with JOY, Jan….Poor Linda…..Greg you ruined her moment of fame….But don’t worry Linda…I remember who you are…lol…Good Luck Linda and Jim….Hope you survive the cold weather, and enjoy the solitude….Anyone who is blog readers of Peg and Jan have to be good people….Hahaha….

  4. I noticed you said, “we are off the gate for this year.” Does Jan know this??? :)) Travel safe guys!

  5. Linda and Jim, sorry, that was my mistake. In my defense, I was so excited I could hardly think straight. Also, forgot to tell you that the post office is in Campbellton, the Whitsett one closed about a month ago.

    Sat. was just beyond delightful. So neat to take a catnap during the day and not have to listen for bells. Eating together face to face was such a treat too. Then Walmart and HEB. It was almost overwhelming. Delightfully so. Oh, then we got up this morning when we wanted to, not because we had to at a certain time. 7:30 a.m. is so much nicer than getting up at 6!

    Keep in touch.


  6. YIPPEE…so glad you completed your job for this year!! I admire your doing so…not the easiest of jobs!! Hope all goes well, holidays, shopping….S H O P P I N G!!

  7. Janna,

    I’ve been afraid to tell her.

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