Getting back in the habit . . .

and no, a nunnery is not involved. That would be kinky.

I’m just trying to get back to doing a blog every day now that we’re coming off the gate on Saturday.

We got some good news about our Houston home yesterday. No, not the one we still own, but Galveston Bay RV Resort, where we’ve spent the winter the last 5 years.

Galveston Bay RV Resort Upgrade

They’ve finally got their big expansion under way, adding 54 new sites to the 80+ they already have. The 54 will be a mixture of pull-thrus, marina, and waterfront sites, and are greatly needed. Several times over the past years, blog readers have wanted to stay at Galveston Bay on their way through the area, but found the park filled up.

Master Landon is going through this phase where he doesn’t want his picture taken and turns away anytime he sees a camera. Here’s the latest two examples during Turkey Day at his daycare.

That’s him in the very center with the blue bat on his shirt.

Landon at Turkey Day 1


And here he is, second from the right.

Landon at Turdey Day 2

School pictures are going to be loads of fun for the photographer, I bet.

Well, the saga of the truck continues. Orlyn, the gate guard down the road, took me into Pleasanton to pick up my truck from the “Complete Auto Repair” place that doesn’t do water pumps, so I could drive it over to another place that does do water pumps.

Luckily it was only about a mile or so away so I didn’t have to worry about overheating. In fact the temperature gauge never got off the stop. I was happy to see that the new place is a NAPA repair shop, so I’ll have some recourse if I have a problem down the road, and somewhere else.

When I talked to the shop yesterday, the guy said he probably wouldn’t be able to get to it until Friday morning, but then this morning he thought he’d be able to get started this afternoon. And about 4:30 I got a call and they said they were working on it, and said they recommended that I have the radiator hoses replaced because both of them were hard and brittle. I told them to go ahead since they were already replacing the drive belt because it had stretched from being soak in the coolant. That’s why it was squealing.

They should have it ready sometime tomorrow morning, they think. They didn’t say, but I figure the repair will run $400-500, or as we say, 3 to 4 gate days.

Well, our flare put on another great show this afternoon. Crude (black gold, Texas tea, etc.) got backed up in the system and started coming out the stack along with the gas. The first thing that happened was the flaming oil came pouring down the sides of the stack like molten lava, starting fires on the ground. Then the sirens started going off.

Flare 3


You can see in this next photo the reddish glow of the fire on the ground through the trees.

Flare 4


Next we got fireballs and big ‘booms’ shooting out the top.

Flare 5


Reminded me a lot of artillery fire.

Howitzer 1

Howitzer 2

Just glad there was no ‘incoming’ associated with the show. The only thing that would have made it better was if it had been night time.

Starting to break down our site tomorrow is probably going to be interesting.

And cold.

And wet.

Right now at about 2am, it’s 76°.

At 7am it supposed to be 70, but it’s forecast to be 57 by 8am when the ‘arctic blast’ cold front moves through.

Then about noon we’re looking at 49°, and 45 by 3pm. And then there’s the 70% chance of thunderstorms and heavy rains to add to the fun.

Oh boy!

Thought for the Day:

There’s a difference between a hand-out and a leg up.



4 Responses

  1. At last….Its almost over….Hope the pickup gets fixed in time…Strange weather your having….Thats about the weather pattern we had last Sunday when the cold front came and the tornadoes formed….so watch out for the bad weather…Would loved to have seen the fireballs..Bet it was quite entertaining….Loved those pictures….Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving….I’m sure you and Jan are so excited to the the grandkids and the rest of the family after this last 3 months in exile…lol…Wishin we were the ones relieving you……Happy traveling Saturday…

  2. I think we are your replacement. And not looking forward to cold rain for next four days. Looking forward to meeti.g you and Jan.

  3. Great photos of the stack flares. And I agree, too bad it was not at night.

  4. Have a safe trip. I need to check out that resort sometime, as it sounds like a great place. We got the arctic front up here in the panhandle yesterday afternoon and have had a temp swing of over 50 degrees and over 60 degrees in the chill factor. Will likely have icy roads by tomorrow, too. Brrr!

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