Pay No Attention to that Man behind the Curtain . . .

or the inner workings of WordPress blogs either.

The other night I was working on the formatting of an Markarios RV Parts ad that will be going up on Nick Russell’s Gypsy Journal blog, and I was posting it as a private page so I could see how it would look online.

Then suddenly, after about 4 or 5 times, Live Writer and WordPress decided that I really wanted to post this to the whole world, or at least the 200 or so readers who get this blog by email. So that’s why some of you got a blog post entitled “Test-Page” with just an ad on it.

So, as Emily Litella says, “Never mind”.

The only real excitement today was getting hosed down, watered down, or maybe sprinkled on. Well, not sprinkled exactly. That implies a light shower.

This was more of a deluge. Maybe even of biblical proportions.

Semi-irregularly a water truck comes by to spray the road to help keep the dust down. The truck consists of a full size tanker with a big fan-shaped spray nozzle on the back that the driver can turn on and off from the cab.

I saw the truck turn off the highway and the water came on, spreading out around the rear of the truck. The first thing I noticed was how far out it was going, about 20 to 25 feet on either side, much wider than the 10 or so feet we usually see, so I began to get a little worried. But then as the driver in the cab came even with me, he gave me a thumbs up signal, which I took to mean he saw me sitting here and would turn off the spray right before it got to me and then turn it on again after he passed.


As it happened I was on the phone with Nick at that time, and so I was yelling at the driver, closing my laptop, and grabbing up the logbooks and any other non-able-to-swim items, like Jan’s Kindle Paperwhite. I think Nick thought I was being killed from the way I sounded on the phone.

It seems at the last second the driver realized what was happening and pulled to the left as far as he could. Now this spray is not like a garden hose. Think more like a fire hydrant, but it does have a very sharp cut-off to the spray pattern. Lucky for me.

Because the driver swerved at the last minute, I was only completely soaked from the knees down. And I mean soaked. It was like I had just waded into the ocean up to my knees. Nick of course thought this was hilarious and said it was Saturday after all, and I probably needed a bath anyway.

Chubby B*T*H!



One week from today (Saturday) we will be at the Gate Guard Services yard here in Whitsett getting ready for the 280 mile trip back to Houston on Sunday. Jan’s so excited she can’t sit still.

Finishing up, I’m reposting some more of our Newfoundland trip in 2009.




Ferry, Ferry Bad…

Originally posted on September 9, 2009

Today is our day to catch the ferry back to North Sydney,  NS,  and the 30 mile drive back to our coach & cats in Louisbourg.

And we had another great view out our hotel window.

View from Hotel

We’re supposed to be at the ferry by 10 am for a 11:30 departure so we head down to the hotel restaurant for breakfast about 8:30.  While we were eating we overheard someone saying the ferry was running late,  about 6 hours late.

It should have been here at 7:00 am to get unloaded and ready for us to start loading at 10 and sailing at 11:30.  But it wouldn’t be here until 1 pm with our departure scheduled for 3:30 pm.

We’ll see.

Since it was bright and sunny today,  we decided to kill time by taking the 30 mile drive out to Rose Blanche Lighthouse a ways down the coast.  We didn’t do it yesterday afternoon because it was so foggy.

The drive was really something.

Rose Blanche 1

Rose Blanche 2

Rose Blanche 3

Rose Blanche 4

Rose Blanche 5

Rose Blanche 6

Rose Blanche 7

After driving out to the lighthouse,  we didn’t actually SEE the lighthouse.  Jan didn’t want to make the long walk up the hill,  and I didn’t want to pay the $5 admission to make the long walk up the hill to SEE the lighthouse.

But the drive was worth the trip,  and it didn’t cost me $5.

We got back to the hotel and checked out about 11:30,  and after waiting about an hour we saw our ship,  the Atlantic Vision,  come steaming in.  She maneuvered into the harbor and then turn around and backed in, smooth as can be.   Bow thrusters are amazing.

Atlantic Vision Arrival 1

Atlantic Vision Arrival 2

So now our truck is parked in the boarding line and Jan and I are sitting in the terminal lounge waiting to board…and waiting and waiting…

In Line

That’s us, circled in red above.

FLASH… We just heard over the PA that boarding will now start at 3:30 pm and the ship will depart as soon as it’s loaded.  This will probably take at least an hour. It’s now 2:45 pm.  We’ll see.

Well,  they called us to our vehicles about 3:30 and we started actually boarding about 3:45 pm.  By 4:00 pm we were setting in the lounge aboard ship.  And about 4:20 we finally left the dock.  This ship is very nicely decorated,  almost like a cruise ship.  Which I guess it really is,  only for shorter cruises.

AV Interior

The Captain came on the PA and said we would be traveling at full speed (27 knots) to try and make up some of the lost time.  Yeah,  like the extra 5 knots is going to make up for the fact that we are running 5 hours behind schedule.

Well, Bummer!  I’ve just found out that I’m Internetless and CellPhoneless.

Although this ship is 15 years newer than the one we came over on,  and has electrical plugs everywhere,  it has no Internet access or cell phone service.  It has been down all summer since the satellite uplink/downlink is broken.

This trip just keeps getting better.  A little before 6:30 pm Jan and I went down to the restaurant to try out the great buffet we had heard about.  Where we discovered that they were closing because they had run out of food!

I guess it was really great…for some people.

So it’s off to the snack bar for cold sandwiches.  Oh boy!

It’s now about 7:15 pm.  The Captain just came on the PA and said we will be docking in about an hour.  Let’s hope so.

8:15 pm.  Well, we’re kind of here.  But it seems like they’re having trouble getting docked.  They keep starting and stopping and moving around.

9:00 pm.  They just called us to our vehicles so there’s a mad rush for the stairs and elevators.

And at 9:15 pm we finally moved off the ship.  At least the truck started this time!

Got home a little after 10 pm.  Cats were OK.  Everything is OK.

Tomorrow we have a long 300 mile trip to Halifax,  NS



D’oh for the Day:

Despite being made entirely out of ice, the world-renown Ice Hotel in northern Sweden must install a fire alarm system before it can open to its guests this season.

Sweden’s National Housing Board is requiring the installation, according to news agency TT. The hotel is rebuilt every year from massive blocks of ice from a nearby river and this year’s structure, still under construction, must install the alarms.



8 Responses

  1. Oh, dear–that could have been bad getting all that stuff soaked! Glad it was just you! 🙂

  2. The water truck driver is an idiot.

  3. Agree, that water truck driver should know better! I’m enjoying the repeats of the Newfoundland trip blog posts because we’ll be going there next summer.

  4. Nice blog today but a picture would have made it better. I’m also sure Nick would have liked it as well.

  5. Thanks a lot, Janna.

  6. George,

    I’m sure he knew what he’d done.

    He didn’t come back out this way.

  7. Gary,

    Nick gets entertainment at my expense without visual aids.

  8. Greg, your comments on Newfoundland brought back fond memories for me. A few years ago the wife and I, in our motorhome, traveled Newfoundland and all of the Maritimes. What a neat part of our world. We enjoyed the sights and the people. I’d highly recommend this trip to all RVers…Jim

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