Counting Down the Days . . ,

If You Love Your Freedom
Jan and I wanted to thank Nick and all the other veterans for their service to our country on this day of remembrance. We can’t thank them enough.

Well, we’re into our last two weeks on this gate, and it still looks like we’ll be able to finish out our time here.

Things have really slowed down with only 30-40 vehicles through the gate each day. But we’re getting a lot of different crews through who stay a few days and then move on. Not exactly sure what the problem is on our frack site, but they still haven’t gone back into production yet, so I guess what ever it is, they still don’t have it fixed.

There are new pads going in just north and south of us, so things are still booming around here. Plus at night when you look around you can lit-up rigs in every direction. I can count more than a dozen, and a bunch of flare stacks too.

As an interesting update, I added a list of oilfield jobs and what they pay to the Gate Guard Info tab. Although the pay rates are really specific to North Dakota, they’re not much different here.

We’ve got a cold snap coming up the middle of the week, with a low Tuesday night of 41 degrees. Then on Wednesday the high / low is 59 and 35 degrees. BRRR!

But this time I’m ready. Actually the only part of me that gets really cold are my hands. The gloves I have (and I’ve got several different pairs) just don’t cut for spending hours outside.

So I ordered these from Amazon.

Battery Heated Gloves Thinsulate Battery Heated Gloves

I also found a really good deal on this WORX Power Screwdriver. Top-rated by Popular Science and listing for $50, Amazon had it for $37.

WORX Screwdriver

WORX Power Screw Driver

My Coleman model is about 6 years old and the batteries no longer hold a charge very long. And a replacement battery cost as much as this new WORX model. So it’s a win/win.

Two weeks from today we’ll be back at our Houston area home, Galveston Bay RV Park , and we’re really looking forward to it. Even the sunrise/sunsets are great.

Here’s a photo posted on Facebook recently by the park manager, LauraLee.

Galveston Bay - Another Sunrise

And here’s a couple of mine.

Galveston Bay Sunrise 8

Galveston Bay Sunset

We can’t wait to get back.

Wrapping up, here’s another photo of our son-in-law Lowell’s sister’s daughter’s daughter, Zoe. A real red-haired cutie.

Zoe in Pink

Thought for the Day:

“Access to power must be confined to men who are not in love with it.” – Plato, The Republic



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