Happy, Happy, Happy . . .


First off, Happy Birthday to my friend Nick Russell, although by the time you read this, his birthday will be yesterday.

But it’s the thought that counts, right?

And Nick thought of me today when he called because he needed help with his black tank.

I figure he called because when he thinks of #2, I’m #1 on his list.

Don’t I feel special.

Well, after things slowed down here a bit, they’ve really picked back up. We had almost 80 vehicles today, a big jump from the 25 of a few days ago. Turns out the drill rig about a mile south of here, but on the same land, is finishing up and now they’re getting ready to frack. So they’re getting set up to pump the water from our frack pond up to another one closer by the new site.

Under the heading of a problem solved and a problem found . . .

Our cooling mist system does a great job of keeping us cool on the hotter days, but it does have a downside. It tends to get your glasses wet. Normally this isn’t a big problem, but combined with the caliche dust blowing around, it becomes a problem.

Caliche is basically limestone, and when it settles on your wet glasses and then dries, it turns hard as rock. And becomes very difficult to get off. So you end up with a hazy film on your lenses. A truck driver last year told us to soak them overnight in a solution of Dawn Dish Soap and water, and while this helps, sometimes a bad encrustation just won’t come off.

So after thinking on the problem for a while, I finally remembered some basic chemistry. Most acids will eat limestone. And vinegar is an acid, acetic acid, so I thought I’d give it a try.

And it worked. I dampened a rag with some vinegar and then carefully wiped the lenses several times, and that took care of the problem. And we probably won’t have any more problems with that this year, because with the cooler temps, we haven’t used the misting system in a week or so.

Jan fixed two of my favorite dishes this week. Well, one of them is a new favorite, anyway. First up was a big batch of her Crockpot King Ranch Chicken, big chunks of chicken, beans, Rotel Habanero Tomatoes, and pieces of corn tortillas.

HMMM Good. And really spicy, too.

My new favorite is a 7-UP Strawberry Cake, iced with CoolWhip. We both decided it would be even better with crushed pineapple in it, so next time a small can of that goes it too.

Finishing up, a Landon fix, what else. Landon loves Starbucks. He and his daddy Lowell have been going there since he was a baby.

Landon at Starbuck's

Of course, Landon gets hot chocolate, but he tells everyone he’s drinking coffee like his daddy.

Thought for the Day:

Nostalgia just ain’t what it used to be.



4 Responses

  1. You need a recipe tab on your site!

  2. So, post the recipe of the Crockpot King Ranch Chicken, already!!

    Please and thank you!!!!!

  3. OK – and I’d like the cake recipe please. Am a 7-Up fan and a Coke fan too, but haven’t heard of 7-Up in a cake. The Coke Chocolate cake I don’t like as much the Hellman’s mayo chocolate cake. and THOSE EYES! My goodness does that child have the most beautiful eyes! He will be a lady-killer for sure 🙂 Thanks:)

  4. Need that chicken recipe. Even if I don’t cook.

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