A New Low . . .

or Why We Hate Louisiana.

Today (Saturday) set a new low vehicle count for here at the gate. We only had 40 logged vehicles through. And that eclipsed yesterday’s low of 49. Of course that really means 80 or 98 since there’s an In and Out for all of them. At least eventually. Some vehicles (and the drivers/riders too, of course) stay overnight or even days/weeks at a time since there are living quarters (trailers) onsite.

And of course, sometimes a large piece of equipment will come in, followed by a pickup truck. The equipment is left, sometimes for several weeks or more, and then the two drivers leave together in the pickup truck. That means days, weeks, months? later when it finally leaves, we’re left madly pawing through old logs trying to find when the equipment came in so we can log it out. The new drivers aren’t any help because, either they don’t remember, or they weren’t the ones that brought it in in the first place.

Ahhh, a day in the life of a gate guard. This is one problem I’m hoping my new computer logging system will fix.

And as far as vehicles go, it will be interesting to see how Monday’s Federal holiday affects things. We might end up with a new new low count.

The reason we hate Louisiana (well, not whole state, just the DMV part of it) is that they don’t issue front tags. And Louisiana being a big oil state, a lot of the vehicles that come through here don’t have a front tag, which means we have to try and recognize vehicles by make, model, and color. And sometimes we get it wrong. And then the truck goes by and we realize we don’t’ recognize the tag number.

So we have to mark the description info down on the log and try to catch them on the way back out. More fun.

I called Tan Mar yesterday to get a vacuum truck out there to pump out our sewage system tank.

Gate Guard Lot 8
The overflow is starting to fill the small white tank which means it’s time to pump it all out. Since the overflow tank contains a large dose of chlorine tablets, the liquid is considered ‘gray water’ and can be dumped out on the ground, but it’s better to get a pumpout if you can.

Brandi sent over some new Landon pics. Yesterday was ‘Spooktacular Pajama Friday’ at his daycare, so here’s his contribution. BTW his shirt says ‘Trick or Treat. Smell My Feet’

Spooktacular Landon
And today they went with friends to the Katy Rice Harvest Festival and Landon got to ride some of the carnival rides.

Landon at the Fair 4
Landon at the Fair 1

Looks like he’s having fun.

Working on my Gate Guard Logging Program (Patent Pending) has renewed my itch to try my hand at writing an Android app. But every time I think I have a good idea for one, I find someone’s already beat me to it. Case in point, when we go to the movies, I always silence my cell phone so Nick can’t call me in the middle of the film, (well, he can call. I just won’t hear it) as he has a couple of times. (I don’t know how he knows.). But then after the movie’s over I sometimes forget to turn it back on until hours later, only to find I’ve missed a couple of calls, usually from Nick because he’s broke something else.

So I thought there should be an app for that, and that I should write it. But one again someone beat me to it.

It’s called Silent Timer Free. And it looks like this.

Silent Timer Free
It allows you to set a duration that the phone is silenced, or a start/stop time. And you can store your settings. Neat little app. Check it out.

Now I have to think of another app idea.

Thought for the Day:
TSA – handling more packages than FedEx


7 Responses

  1. When we gate guarded we were told by the Company Man to just make a new line with an “out” time and not worry about finding where they came in. Our sheets were never checked so no one saw them but us.

  2. Bobbie,

    That’s what we do when we can’t find them, too.

    Our logs aren’t checked either, but the supervisor and the landowner have occasionally come by to check the logs to see if someone they’re looking for is IN or OUT.

    Last year when we were following a Marathon/H&P rig, we had to turn in the day’s logs every night at midnight, and then do a Carry-Out log of everyone who was onsite and hadn’t come back out.

  3. Greg, I have lost my pictures on my hard drive. I have the drive out of the computer do you know any why to retrieve the pictures. Thanks Jim Swan

  4. Landon is such a happy little boy. I especially love the photo of him in his Halloween pajamas. Darling!

    Thanks for the info about the app. I didn’t even know I needed that one, but you’re right, once I silence my phone, I forget it. I’m going to check it out. But just because there is already one available doesn’t mean you can’t write one, too. It’s nice to have choices. 🙂

  5. Greg, the app is called Silent Mode Timer.

  6. Jim,

    Define ‘lost’.

    Does the HD not work, or you can’t find them on there?

  7. Tom,

    My version says Silent Timer Free on it.

    And that’s what comes up on the Google Search.

    Maybe yours is a different one?

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