Someone really knows their way around a pork chop . . .

Or maybe the storm is over.

After vehicle-count highs of 255 and 291 a couple of days ago, yesterday’s count was 237 and today’s was 133.

Very, very nice, believe me.

For dinner tonight we shared one of the Hell Fighters’ Kitchen meals that they dropped off last night. It was a 2 inch thick pork chop, with green beans, twice-baked potatoes, salad, and an almond cookie. And this was the best meal yet.

Someone there really knows how to cook. And use spices and seasonings, too. And even better, since they always drop off two meals, and splitting one is plenty for us, we have another one for tomorrow. With them coming every other day, this pretty much means no cooking for Jan. And she likes that.

That’s about it for tonight.


Today’s Thought for Today:

America needs more redundancy



2 Responses

  1. The complimentary gourmet meals is a nice bonus for you and Jan. I’d say the meals are well earned. Best be careful as you might get addicted to this lifestyle :).



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