Mommy, Somebody Broke the Moon . . .

That’s what Landon said the other night about this.

Broke Moon

And we also have this.

Landon at Daycare 1


Well, it’s been a busy several days. We’ve approaching 300 vehicles a day, three times what we had last year at our drill sites. And we’re both pretty sure we don’t want to do a fracking site again, though the fact that they ran low on water and had to start trucking it in may be the problem. Of course along with the normal sand trucks. Don’t know yet if this is usual or not.

The weather is trying to cool off, at least. The last couple of days the high was 86-87, but then today it was 95, but at least the trend is there. Last night it was actually kind of chilly at 68. Thought about going into the rig and getting a jacket, but was too tired to get up when I didn’t have to. Ha!

I came out a little early last night and Jan and I took down our old new canopy and put up our new new one.

Coleman Canopy

As usual Amazon really came through on replacing this defective one. They just sent me the replacement and then I have 30 days to get the old one back to them, at their expense. This new one is much more stable since it has all its struts. Nice

Jeff, our company man send over a few front loader scoops of pea gravel to put under our canopy site and our truck parking area. So we went from this

2013-09-12 15.46.34

to this.

2013-09-12 15.46.58

My truck was actually stuck in the mud the other day and I had to wait until it dried out before I could get it out. This is much better. And the area under our canopy was nothing but a full-on mud hole. We’ll see how it goes at the next rain.

Jeff also has us on a one week schedule for diesel, water, and sewer. So now we don’t even have to call anyone, or worry if we’re going to run out, or overflow.

Under heading – Missing in Action, one of our vehicle sensor apparently wandered off the other night.

Vehicle Alarm

At least that’s what I assume, because it’s no good to anyone without the receiver, which I have at the canopy. I noticed during the night that it quit working, but figured it had just fallen over. And the other one is still there and working on the other side of the road. I’ve put out the word with the company people, so hopefully it will find its way home sometime soon.

That’s about it for today. It’s about time to go out and relieve Jan.



Thought for the day:

If you know how many guns you have, you probably don’t have enough!!!



4 Responses

  1. What a busy few days you guys have had….Was Wondering, Is their other types of gates that you can do? or do you even have a choice…Do you have to take what they give you…

  2. Greg, wow! Sounds like you and Jan got yourself into a “frackin” bunch of work this year…(grin)….Jim

  3. Jim,

    Well, it’s one of those ‘f’ words anyway. Maybe ‘fun’.

    Yeah, that’s it.

  4. Margaret,

    The other main type of gates are the drilling rigs like we followed last year.

    As far as choice, you can always turn one down and wait for another one.

    But of course it could be awhile and you’re sitting in the yard not making any money.

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