Well, although ‘officially’ it only made it to 99 here today, our thermometer said it made it to 104.7. But what’s strange is that it did it in a fairly sharp spike. About 3pm I noticed the temperature starting to climb and in about 15 minutes it was up to the 104.7. Then it started to fall, a little more slowly than the rise, but by 3:45 it was back down to 99.

The thermometer hadn’t moved, the sun wasn’t on it. Nothing changed but the temperature. I might put this down to a strange coincidence, but I’ve seen this happen on other days too. And it didn’t even happen during the time of the ‘official’ high of 99 which was a few minutes after 5pm.


But according to the 10 day forecast, by next Friday our temps should start trending down into the low 90’s. Nice.

They were supposed to start the fracking today, (Actually they were supposed to start it yesterday.), but so far nothing’s happening. We were told that they would crank it up about 3:30 using the sand that they already brought in, and then the replacement sand would start coming in, 4 trucks an hour, 24 hours a day, until they’re done in a month or so.

But nothing so far.

However the good news is that we got our first catered meal. A little after 1pm, a van from Hell Fighter’s Kitchen pulled up and handed me a large styrofoam container filled with our dinner. He also said he’d be coming through pretty regular. YUM! We’d heard that the catering is more frequent on the fracking sites, so we’ll see how it goes.

Our meal consisted of sliced brisket, jalapeno/cheese sausage, carrots and peas, cole slaw, potato salad, fruit salad, and peach cobbler for dessert. And although we only got one serving, it was so large that there was more than enough for both of us.

Once more. YUM!


"Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted." – Albert Einstein



3 Responses

  1. Greg, exactly where are you located for this job?

  2. What an awsome meal…A nice surprise I bet…..I pulled up their site…Does the company pay for their employees meals?….Love your blog….Read it first thing every morning…

  3. Margaret,

    Yes, the company pays. But it’s not always the company that’s doing it.

    It may be a supplier or contractor that’s paying for it to encourage the company to keep using their products and services.

    In other words, it’s an edible bribe.

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