Chili, Four Ways + . . .

The last couple of days have been a little busy as the sand trucks start coming in, prepositioning sand for when fracking starts on Tuesday. Originally it was set to go on Monday, but it got delayed.

When we got a new generator the other day our just-filled 500 gallon water tank went with the old one.  And the new one was pretty empty. Our service guy said he’d get someone out here to fill it, but I think that got lost in the changeover. We were told that morning that from now on all the gate guards here would get our water and diesel from the rig suppliers. But there was some confusion as to who we call to get service.

So late yesterday afternoon, we ran out of water. Of course the immediate solution was to just turn on our pump and use the water from our RV tank. No problem with that since I made sure we came over here with a full tank. But we quickly realized the REAL problem was that now our misting system on the fan didn’t work since it comes from the external tank. BUMMER!

As they say you never miss something until it’s gone. And boy did we miss the mister. There’s a lot of difference between a fan blowing 100 degree air and one blowing 75 degree air with the mister.

We did finally track down who to call later in the afternoon and were told they would have someone out about 5:30 tomorrow morning, which was fine. But they actually showed up about 10pm this evening, which was better. So, hot today, mister tomorrow.

I mentioned the other day about fracking using water, sand, and a little detergent. The water pressure fractures the rock, the sand holds the fractures open, and the detergent kind of lubricates things. And since most fracking takes place at 10 to 12,000 feet down, and the water table is usually just a couple of hundred feet down, it’s always funny to see some of the anti-fracking propaganda about all the problems fracking causes with the water supply.

One of the most visual ones has been shown on TV and in the movies where people light the water coming out of their tap, thus ‘proving’ that fracking is evil, and puts methane in the water supply.

But a recently uncovered State of Michigan pamphlet blows it all out of the water, so to speak. Published in 1965, it details the problems and dangers due to naturally-occurring methane found in water supplies in Michigan. This about 20 years before any fracking was done in the area. So there.

Brandi and Lowell are in New Orleans this weekend, along with her BFF Shawna and husband Jason. They’re celebrating Brandi’s 40th birthday a couple of weeks early, so while they’re gone, Aunt Sherry is Landon-sitting and it looks like they’re having a good time.

I think this was taken at one of the lakes in their new subdivision. What I want to know is what Aunt Sherry did to get him to hold still for this picture, and are drugs involved?

Landon with Aunt Sherry

Most of the pictures I take of him, he’s just a blur.

For dinner tonight, Jan fixed Chili, Four Ways +. We found that we can buy Cincinnati’s famous Skyline Chili in cans at many Wal-Marts, so we stock up when we can.

Chili, Four Ways, Cincinnati style is spaghetti, with Skyline Chili, Cheese, and Beans on top. The + comes from the fact that she added some Habanero Rotel Tomatoes to the mix for a little extra kick.

It would have been Chili, Five Ways if we had added diced onions, but in deference to Nick, we left it off. (Actually we didn’t have any). But even Four Ways, it was really good. A quick, easy, delicious meal. And we’ve got leftovers for tomorrow.


Thought for the Day:

“Be who you are and say what you feel because the people who mind don’t matter and the people who matter don’t mind.” – Dr. Seuss



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